Episode 01.02: Undertow


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As the hosts continue their Tool retrospective, they go in-depth on their first full-length album: Undertow. This record is full of stuff that we'll see more of on the next venture. Damien steals Desmond's title only seconds into the show, making for a very tense relationship between the two. Perhaps that's why Damien didn't enjoy Desmond's Britney Spears analogy. Or maybe it's because he has no sense of humor. You decide. I have, I write the copy. [ 1:11:30 || 34.6 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/droppedd/episodes/droppedd_001-02.mp3

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undertow was just what i needed to get me out of the music hump i was in at the time it come out. sure i still like alot of the bands of this time..TOOL is the only band i can say with all my heart i love. sure some songs are not as good as others but i love them all. to hear that you guys are not into some songs...well lets just say :facepalm: ...thats ok...i can tell you that at the time undertow come out that a fight of words would have happen...thanks for another great show.

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Thanks you have created a very welcome enviroment.

dont get me wrong guys...ya cant love everything...i can hear your love for the band spill from my ear phones..i will live..i say Salival is not a real TOOL album. its out there and thats about it..i would rather hear how you guys are going at each song with a fine tooth comb. i find the podast to be smart for not holding back. you have no worry of losing me. im here for the long haul...

the only time it will ever be hard to listen to the cast is when or if you get to METALLICA...they are a band that i have always hated..i was in a band with 3 big METALLICA fans...wanna talk about being caught in the undertow...

i know that FAITH NO MORE will come...

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