Whats your favourite Non-Mainstream Comic?

Darque Edge

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My favourites are ones that my girlfriend has gotten me into. She mainly reads indy stuff, and there's some excellent stuff there.

Gloomcookie - surreal, and well written.

Courtney Crumrin - funny little series.

Blue Monday - funniest comic I've read in years.

What's your favourite undiscovered gem?

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Homepage for 8-Bit Theatre

It's a twice-a-week Internet comic strip and it uses characters from Final Fantasy's early days. Except here, they are all either insanely stupid, extremely sarcastic, psychotic, or a combination of all three. Truly hilarious. Anyone who has ever played a Final Fantasy game needs to read these.

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Bear from Slave Labour Graphics. Absolutely hilarious comic in a bizarre sort of way.

Is that Hero Bear and Kid, or a different book?

Different book entirely. Go here to learn more. (I like Herobear & the kid though. It's the Disney movie of comics that Disney tie-ins fail to be)

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On the SLG front, they've had a couple of good new series out that aren't the A typical goth teenager crowd type of stuff they usually publish. Street Angel just came out, about a young girl who defends the streets of her town against ninjas, quite funny and well done, and Tupelo, about a punk band member who turns into a type of superhero who can only access his power by shooting drugs. Again, funny, and well drawn.

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Not sure if it counts, but Metabarons from Humanoids Publishing. Alexandro Jodorowsky writes the tragic history of the Metabarons, a line of super mercenaries from humble beginnings. It's set in the same continuity as Incal, somewhere in a dark and distant future. Think Dune, except a lot more space opera.

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