So if the Red Hood is...

Ricky Paradise

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So if the Red Hood is Jason Todd

I figured as much from the cover.

I don't like it. First, JT's death has been a great vehicle for probing Batman's guilt, much as Uncle Ben's death has been for Spider-Man. Batman's guilt over JT's death was really played up in Superman/Batman. While JT's death isn't nearly as central to the Batman chracter as Unle Ben's death was for Spider-Man, it is still important.

Jason Todd should have STAYED dead.

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Well, the first thing I would like to say is I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

That being said, Hush is Ra's. Don't know why, but why not...

I'll say this one more time: Jason Todd isn't Red Hood. Everyone is acting like this storyline is over just because there's been a big reveal. It's not. Just wait and see.

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