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After discussing it with Shana, we've decided to make For Better or Worse a fortnightly podcast. And in the second episode, which will be posted on 17 August, we'll cover a remake of Jurassic Park.

EDIT: Here are our upcoming movies. Keep checking back for more.

Episode 19 (12 April): Bull Durham

Episode 20 (26 April): Major League

Episode 21 (10 May): Mr. Mom

Episode 22 (24 May): The Golden Girls

Episode 23 (07 June): Pretty in Pink

Episode 24 (21 June): Three Men and a Baby

Episode 25 (05 July):

Episode 26 (19 July):

Episode 27 (02 August): The Princess Bride (one-year anniversary)

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You can bet I'll get some sci-fi and horror into For Better or Worse, but I can't say when that'll be. If not episode 12, maybe one of the April episodes. The reason I say that is because I'm thinking we'll dedicate April to April Fools' (RE: shitty) movies, and there are a lot of shitty horror films that could use a remake.

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Hey! Aaron Sorkin writes the US President for the first time. Do me a favour, when you watch it make sure to follow with an episode of the West Wing, you'll be amazed at how much better the sets are in the TV show. Whatever they're using in the film looks awful.

I'd be interested to see who you guys would pick to replace Sorkin as the writer, maybe someone with a similar level name to that he had at the time (he was really only noted for A Few Good Men at that point).

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