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It goes deeper than that. I'm just going to quote a post I made after Children of Earth came out.

Dear God, the Doctor screwed over Britain on so many levels by causing Harriet Jones to get sacked. There's no way around it. Harriet Jones would not have decided to kill Torchwood because some idiots in the past decided to cover up murder and therefore prevent the resident experts on aliens from being able to come up with a plan when things just escalate into utter insanity. Harriet Jones would have brought in Torchwood right away, not let the pot boil over and have to be blackmailed into doing the thing that should have happened at the start. Harriet Jones was obviously not the Master and The Doctor is completely to blame for the events at the end of Series 3 of Torchwood. There would have been no power vacuum to carefully slip into. So, if there is one huge black spot on the Tenth Doctor's record, it's that with six words, six tiny words, the Doctor may have changed the course of history more than The Time Meddler ever tried to. Ten should be glad the Time Lords are all gone, otherwise we probably wouldn't have had a series past The Christmas Invasion.

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The problem's obviously that Ten's reaction was that her reasons were just unjustifiable, and they really WERE justified. I felt bad for her by the end, but at the same time I enjoy the TIME LORD VICTORIOUS aspect of Ten;s character as they do come back to it by the end of his era, even if it's clearly not thought of at that initial moment with Harriet.

I watched this a couple of days ago and felt my interest waning. It was definitely a cheesy episode that begged for Tennant to rise up and awesome the rest of it for the audience to get through the special, so I'm in total agreement with you guys there. I'm sorry I missed out for so long, because he really was terrific in that last act.

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