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With each battle garnering plenty of votes and real back and forth arguments taking place, it looks like the Jedi versus Sith tournament is a real success. That in mind, what other "versus" tournaments should we consider running?

Here are my ideas:

Marvel v DC

-- 64 combatants (32 from each side)

Marvel v DC: Heroes

-- 32 heroes (16 from each side)

Marvel v DC: Villains

-- 32 villains (16 from each side)

The winner of the "Heroes" tournament would then take on the winner of the "Villains" tournament.

FPS heroes

-- Master Chief, Samus Aran, Gordon Freeman, Space Marine from Doom, Duke Nukem, Jack Carver, etc.

Marvel v Ultimate Marvel

JLA v Avengers

-- 16 combatants (eight from each side)... or

-- 64 combatants (both teams have enough members and you know it)

---- However, with that many opponents we might as well make this one Marvel v DC.

Horror Villains v Heroes

-- Nancy Thompson v Jason Voorhees, Laurie Strode v Freddy Krueger, Sidney Prescott v Michael Myers, etc.

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I think the Marvel/DC tournament's a great idea. I think it'd make more sense to have two seperate tournaments for heroes and villians, and then have the champs meet in a seperate versus, though. Most villians are really, really over-powered, requiring whole teams to beat them. So in the end, if say, Cyclops comes out of the Heroes bracket (yeah right) and Darkseid comes out of the Villians bracket, Darkseid smokes Cyclops, but Cy still gets to go home with the "Number 1 Hero" trophy. Otherwise, I think it'll end up being a NBA Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference type thing.

But I'd definitely be down for something like that, and willing to help however.

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Oh, man. Michael, you know I'll be willing to help with this ish. Just let me know what you want me to do. Further suggestions:

Anime (heroes and villains)--Don't worry, there are plenty of us, me especially, who can help compile a decent list of well known characters.

Video Game 2-D and 3-D fighters (heroes and villains)--See above

I love this idea.

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I like the big Marvel vs DC thing. But one problem.... where do you put people who are not exactly villians or heroes?

One other thing, ground rule to be set. Some villians are only powerful as a result of their organization. Or they only pose threats when they specifically prepare themselves as such. Like Lex Luthor. While he could suit up, he wins in the big picture as opposed to in a fight fight. He might not be able to take Juggernaut in a fight.... but he could trap Juggernaut and make extensive profits off of his nice mystical toys, with the use of his financial empire.

Just for a fun twist...I think this could be a cool rule as well. When someone defeats another character who makes use of a peice of gear... I would be interested to see the winner get to continue on with that little doodad. Given, this will lead to someone in Kryptonite Laced Doom Armor with Thor's Hammer, Mandarin's rings and an unstable molecule utility belt with adamantium batarangs... but on a smaller scale that would be an interesting twist. Or I might just be an idiot.

Another idea... since a lot of villians do work on a global level instead of a one on one level, what about a tournament set in the business world. Dr. Doom vs Tony Stark vs. Kingpin vs. Lex Luthor vs. Reed Richards all based on financial power. (Is it clear that I mostly know Marvel yet?)

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One kink I've yet to iron out would be how to handle the polls in the Hero / Villain series. While setting them up as fights would seem natural, The Hulk, Juggernaut, Superman and several other characters will simply trample the rest based on strength alone. However, if we were to base our choices on their individual accomplishments (much like is done with the Oratory polls) rather than raw power, we could better gauge who the greatest hero and villain of all time are.

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Depending how much faith you have in the boardmembers, you could try to have the vote be relative to each villain/hero. That way you could actually contest whether or not a Lex Luthor vs Juggs fight would end in a Luthor stained carpet. As The Steve has stated, if you give Luthor all his resources, and Juggs would no longer be the odds on favorite.

Allowing things to be relative could create the Triangles that make tourneys and seedings fun. Say for example Juggs would beat Joker there is nothing he can really do to hurt Juggs, Luthor would beat Juggs following Steve's precedent, but Joker would be Luthor since Joker may be savvy enough to work through Luthor's network.

so if you want to run a tournament of that magnitude, how much faith do you have in this community to get it right?

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