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I'll follow that up with pointing out that Fox, in the last 10 years, hasn't even been the network with the second highest amount of canceled shows among the major networks. In fact, NBC cancels with a far greater frequency and usually much earlier in the season. What I'm saying is the show has much more of a chance than you're giving it credit for.

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Along the same lines, Fox has kept shows going longer than they would have on other networks. Fringe, Abrams or not, was low-rated and on the bubble constantly. ABC or NBC would have canned it if they had picked it up to begin with. How Dollhouse lasted a second season is still baffling. Arrested Development lasted three seasons just off of it's critical acclaim. Fox is smart enough to try new things and take risks. CBS is the highest rated network but it's because they cater to the trends and refuse to let a show that's a success die when it reaches it's logical conclusion until they become zombies that people keep watching because why not? ABC tries to take risks but then falls on it's face/cancels Happy Endings which still got longer than it would have on CBS. NBC is grasping at straws now and should be looking at FOX and take risks, especially since it's out of those shows that it should have canceled sooner than they did,

Once again, I'm mainly saying that the show has more of a chance than it's being given a chance.

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You're probably right.

I do think that one of the side effects of a show like Fringe constantly being on the bubble is that the false endings hurt later seasons. Fringe felt played out long before they got to the cartoon inner world or Project: Noah's Ark. Same thing is kind of happening with Community, and is in evidence now during Chris and I's rewatch of Buffy. Season 6 feels like a season too far, like they've past the point where the story actually ended.

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