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  1. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Ace Ventura 1 & 2: I know that the titles are longer but I don't care enough to write them both out. My sons wanted to watch these again and we did. That's about it. Room for Rent: short for the festival Features: 110 Shorts: 86 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  2. Randomness

    Marking this super boring assignment for a colleague because she's buried in shit. Student writes: "Dogs are awesome and they’re my personal favorite, they’re very lively, loving and emotional, they show what they care for and love to play and have fun, they also can be super passionate lovers that want nothing but people love and compassion which is awesome." "... they also can be super passionate lovers that want nothing but people love and compassion which is awesome..." "they also can be super passionate lovers"
  3. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Captain America Sam Wilson #23: a little sloppy but mostly pretty good. Dark Days The Forge #1: pretty interesting. Looking to see where this leads. Defenders #1: ok, I'll give it one more. Detective Comics #958: pretty good. Hulk #7: not the best issue, but it's been an incredible series thus far. Legion of Superheroes/Bugs Bunny #1: good, but the backup that retells the story we just read is totally useless. Would have rather seen a lower tier character get a spin like in other specials like this. Martian manhunter/Marvin the Martian #1: terrible. The absolute fucking worst. Secret Empire United #1: pretty decent. Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #2: not as good as the first. Still intriguing. Weapon X #4: this was really solid. X-Men Blue #5: this was excellent. Accell #1: nope. dumb. Betty & Veronica #3: art was good, but the story farts out like nobody's business. What a waste. Generation X #3: literally forgettable. Green Valley #9: from beginning to end, this miniseries was fucking delightful. Jimmy's Bastards #1: Garth Ennis is undoubtedly the most overrated comics writer of all time. One of the most one-note too. The most tone deaf satire of "SJW's" that could possibly exist. I expect him to give an interview saying he isn't racist but talks about southern pride and culture in relation to the Confederate flag any day now. Kill the Minotaur #1: pretty interesting so far. Kingpin #5: sad this had to end in such a crammed fashion. It was really good. As a result, the end was rushed and lost the oomph it should have had. Old Man Logan #25: fucking fantastic. Planet of the Apes/Green lantern #5: sigh...I'm only going to read the next issue because I've read everything else, but man this is going fucking nowhere. Rai The History of the Valiant Universe #1: on its own a great recap of the new Valiant U. As a comic it doesn't really work. Comics: 958 Trades: 28 Graphic Novels: 24 Omnibuses: 13
  4. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Both reviews forthcoming: Shallow Water: a short The Gate: a feature Features: 108 Shorts: 85 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  5. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    In Furs: feature for the festival Self Catering/The Memento Men/For Whom the Bell Tolls/The Best Quickie You'll Ever Have/Baumu/Glory!/Sol: shorts for the festival Features: 107 Shorts: 84 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  6. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Kyrsyä – Tuftland: I think the first word is the Finnish name and the second is the English translation? but the first word is the name of a village, so I'm not sure. Whatever. Feature for the festival and one of my favourite films of the year. Features: 106 Shorts: 77 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  7. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Witch's Milk/Strange Tales of the Unusual/All Through the Night/Unraveling/Don't Let the Light In/The Corner/Blue/Hell Haunt/Itch: shorts for the festival Features: 105 Shorts: 77 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  8. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Demonstration of the Dead/The Stall/My Friend Lawrence/Blowjob in a Can: shorts for interview prep Features: 105 Shorts: 68 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  9. I mean, it's not like Michael's never come back from the dead before, so I'm not sure they need to write H2O out, but they definitely don't rub Season of the Witch out of continuity because it isn't in continuity to begin with. I'm fucking stoked for this.
  10. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Kiss/Vampirella #1: fucking fun. Hilariously, there's a moment with Gene and Paul IN FULL KISS MAKE-UP sitting in a rock bar and the sound hguy comes up and is like "Hey, ,I recognize you guys." Hahahah! Love it. Magnus #1: Magnus is no longer a robot fighter, SHE is a robot psychiatrist and I'm fucking in love with this book already. Night Owl Society #3: Perfect ending. Fucking spectacular miniseries. I'll be around for volume 2 for sure. Noble #2: I'm not entirely sold, but I'll give it one more. Pestilence #2: still interesting. Powerless #3: this is no good. Redline #4: still good. Slayer Repentless #3: fucking killer ending. I had no idea this comic was going to be this good. Superman #24: I'm beginning to tire of this book and then BOOM! Manchester Black is back and fucking with Superman. Drawn by Mahnke, there's such perfection in these ingredients. There's Nothing There #2: fucking great. Still. Action Comics #981: great stuff. All-New Wolverine #21: great. Beautiful actually. Bug The Adventures of Forager #2: I'm trying really fucking hard to like this, but it's making it very difficult for me to do so. Comics: 937 Trades: 28 Graphic Novels: 24 Omnibuses: 13
  11. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    KCOLC/The Photographer/Newborn/The Power/99/Roohangiz/APE: shorts for the festival Features: 105 Shorts: 64 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  12. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Ms Belly/The Space Between Us/How To Make Finland Great Again: shorts for the festival Features: 105 Shorts: 57 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  13. Every comic you've read in 2017

    The Visitor: How and Why he Stayed #4: the most poignant issue yet. Beautiful. The Archies: this is a great oneshot. Very Riverdale feel to it. Solid piece of business. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #3: i literally have no memory of this issue. Avengers #8: can't remember why I picked this up. Did I think it was a SE tie-in? Wrong issue. Babyteeth #1: another strong new horror comic. Bullseye #5: not great. Champions #9: decent. Iceman #1: great one and done. I'm not the audience for this, but I love it. I wish high school kids read comics, because I think they'd really like this one. Nightwing #22: not good. Nova #7: sad to see this go. Definitely top 3 Marvel book. Reborn #6: fucking hell, this was fun. Rocket #2: I'm loving this. Technet being involved helps a lot. Savage Things #4: good stuff. Secret Empire Brave New World #1: like all of these Marvel even anthology books, only one story of the three or four is worth giving your time to. The Flintstones #12: more genius. The Unstoppable Wasp #6: still really good. X-Men Gold #5: decent. Youngblood #2: I'm intrigued. The Divide States of Hysteria #1: maybe not the most sensitive book out there, but it's setting itsel fup to be pretty important of a read. It's a little wordy in my mind though. Busy on the eyes. Interested to see where it goes. The Unsound #1: not sure I got everything when I read it, but I liked what I did. All-Time Comics Atlas #1: Ok, I'm done with this experiment. Ash vs The Army of Darkness #0: kind of terrible. I don't need any more. Colossi #3: weird. Freelance #3:nawww...I'm good. Gwar Orgasmageddon #1: alright for what it was. looking forward to an issue that doesn't have to introduce all the characters. Infected #1: nope. Comics: 924 Trades: 28 Graphic Novels: 24 Omnibuses: 13
  14. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    It: review forthcoming Features: 105 Shorts: 54 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  15. Random wrestling thoughts

    Today I wore my Flairouette shirt to the local Fall Fair and got like seven Woos from people, so tonight I decided to drink my ass off and watch the Ric Flair DVD instead of podcasting. I'm pretty good with 80s 90s and a little bit of 00s wrestling, and starting to pick back up right now, but the early early 80s stuff I'm catching up on* but the first three matches on this DVD are odd. The first versus Jack Briscoe starts off oddly and gets decent but then kind of farts out when Flair loses. He's a heel here, but there's a clear "Go Ric Go" chant somewhere in the middle of the match. Then there's the best of 3 match, only a few weeks later, with Kerry von Erich (especially delightful seeing as I'm reading Gary Hart's book right now) which is fucking brilliant. The crowd HATES Flair with every fibre of their being. Less than a year later, Flair takes on Harley Race in a badass fucking brawl where the crowd adores Ric. It's a real testament to his versatility, even though I understand most of his best matches were before this era (though none of those are on this DVD set) it's been pretty solid to see Flair matches I'd never seen before, and if it wasn't WWF or WCW, then I'd never seen them before. *I would absolutely enjoy some tips of matches to watch, BTW
  16. IT

    There's a trailer for the new adaptation of Stephen King's IT. I was pretty ambivalent about it (and IT, I guess) until I saw the trailer. Looks great.
  17. The awesome video thread

  18. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Yeah, I mean, it's such a fringe part of a larger universe that has so much interest behind it, but they've literally never done anything better than mediocre with it.
  19. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Amsterdamned: review forthcoming, but holy shit. Features: 104 Shorts: 54 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  20. Every comic you've read in 2017

    The Normals #1: this is really good. Looking forward to more. The Sovereigns #1: this was ok. Will give it another. The X-Files #14: first issue of the Resistance arc. Yes, it's pandering, but it's fucking fantastic. US Avengers #6: Back door, the best Secret Empire tie-in. So solid. Uber Invasion #6: pretty decent. Vampirella #3: a little forgettable. Victor Lavalle's Destroyer #1: dense. Needs another issue to get a handle on characters. Wanderlust Blues #1: terrible. World Readder #2: I was getting ready to skip this entirely, but this issue sold me on a few more. Solid second issue. X-Men Blue #4: more of the same stuff that's happening all over the Marvel U. Didn't expect to see this character, but apparently he's appeared relatively recently too when I wasn't reading X-books. X-Men Gold #4: good issue. Lobster Johnson The Pirate's Ghost #3: not sure why this needed to be told. I want to like Lobster Johnson wayyyyyy more than I like him. Ever since an early like two page appearance in a Hellboy issue, I've wanted more and never really been impressed when I get it. No World #2: no thanks. Comics: 898 Trades: 28 Graphic Novels: 24 Omnibuses: 13
  21. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday: interview prep. Features: 103 Shorts: 54 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  22. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Black Gloves: feature for the festival Features: 102 Shorts: 54 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  23. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Astaroth: feature for the festival The Madame in Black: shorts for the festival Features: 101 Shorts: 54 Documentaries: 9 Rewatches: 1
  24. What are you watching and enjoying?

    Peaky Blinders is basically the awesomest, and Paddy Considine hasn't even shown up yet. It's Boardwalk Empire if it was British, about poor people, and cool.