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  1. Every comic you've read in 2017

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1-6: this is an interesting way to introduce this universe. I kind of liked it. Took its time, sometimes to a fault, but still decent. Teela looks like She-Ra and that's a bit of a problem. Comics: 1186 Trades: 33 Graphic Novels: 26 Omnibuses: 19
  2. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Justice League: loved it. Features: 156 Shorts: 210 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  3. JLA movie news

    I thought it was great. Things looked great except for Cyborg. Fun moments throughout. It didn't hang together as a proper film, but basically none of these superhero movies do. I have no complaints otherwise. Had a lot of fun. There was a CGI mustache? Also: fewer things will be more surreal than seeing the Jack Kirby credit for creating the Fourth World at the end of a massive blockbuster. Amazing.
  4. In-universe conspiracy theories

    Eradicator and Cyborg Superman were other such failed experiments, thought dead, but now hold the secret until they can spill the beans...when they find a media figure who isn't a lying liberal scum...like Glorious Godfrey. That Clark Kent guy definitely wasn't any help.
  5. In-universe conspiracy theories

    Gotham City is an experiment by the military industrial complex in order to run constant martial law drills. Think Jade Helm on a grande and continuing scale.
  6. In-universe conspiracy theories

    I feel like after it was revealed that dozens of heroes were shapeshifters masquerading as human heroes for years in order to invade the earth, human civilization would have imploded in anarchic pandemonium.
  7. In-universe conspiracy theories

    "Do you guys remember when Supergirl wore a skirt? I feel like things were different back then."
  8. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Last Vegas: surprisingly fun given that it was made for people 30 years older than me. Morgan Freeman is actually thew highlight here, especially after drinking a couple vodka Red Bulls. Dogged/Parched/Inhumanwich: features for the festival Taste/Goodnight, Gracie/Spreekiller/Dyscrasia/Mehua: shorts for the festival Features: 155 Shorts: 210 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  9. In-universe conspiracy theories

    Seriously though, I would definitely be inserting cults based on cosmic beings. A Galactus death cult. A fringe science cult based around High Evolutionary. Maybe this already exists, but a peace and love movement around Wundarr the Aquarian. That shit has to be rampant in the Marvel U. In DC, there's a ton of lunatics running around shouting about the Source Wall.
  10. In-universe conspiracy theories

    Batman keeps getting older but Robin stays the same age. Think about it.
  11. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: family movie night. Always a blast. "Shitter was full" will never not be the funniest thing in the world to me. Count Your Curses/Limit/Eternal Recurrence/Banshee/We Summoned a Demon: shorts for the festival Features: 151 Shorts: 205 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  12. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Lobster Johnson Mangeyko: This was the best LJ I've ever read since his first appearance in Hellboy. Lord, have I tried! Must work best in oneshot form. Medisin #3: surprisingly good. Nightwing #26: I literally remember nothing of this issue. I don't like Huntress, so maybe I blocked it out. Savage Things #6: decent. Superman #28: This "America is the greatest country on earth" bullshit this book has pushed these past two issues is so fucking dumb. It's terrible. What a fall from grace. Read the fucking room. Swordquest #2: still great Robotech #1: terrible. The Black Flame Archives #1: interesting little slice of dark fantasy comics. New Gods Special #1: part of the Kirby 100 celebration. Terrible. Shane Davis is a passable artist, but who gave him the idea he should write? Guess I'm NOT pre-ordering the trade of this stuff. The Unstoppable Wasp #8: what a beautiful end to a beautiful fucking book. Turok #1: sadly, not good. Damn, I really wish these Gold Key characters were given the respect they deserve. Comics: 1180 Trades: 33 Graphic Novels: 26 Omnibuses: 19
  13. Randomness

    Ha! Wow...
  14. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    The Little Chapel/Embryo/Adam Peiper/Help Me/Kinks/Into the Forest/Transmission: shorts for the festival Bong of the Living Dead: feature for the festival Features: 150 Shorts: 200 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  15. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Flesh and Blood/Masks/Blazed and Excused/The Rage/Break/Hope/One Bite/Truce/A Doll Distorted/The Quiet Room/Cecilia/Mosquito: shorts for the festival Mutant Swinger from Mars: feature for the festival Features: 149 Shorts: 193 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  16. Every comic you've read in 2017

    I know that there was a lot of Galactus fuckery going on in the recent Ultimates series. Probably there. He usually barely speaks historically. Even then, he doesn't succeed or fail; Galactus hungers. That white devil was manipulating white people in the Sam Wilson Cap series a few months back. He left off as a NoI type, so they're following up on that, I guess. Redneck #4: pretty good. The Normals #3: still good. Weapon X #6: shit got popping off. X-Men Blue #8: great as always. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #7: literally remember nothing of this. Batman #28: Not impressed with the War of Jokes and Riddles thus far. Champions #11: ehhhhh Dead of Winter #1: this book has a dog in a cape saving people from zombies. So...yeah. Thumbs up. Elsewhere #1: I actually have a story idea featuring Amelia Earhart that DOESN'T stink, so it's got that in opposition to this. Extremity #6: crazy great violent moment in this one. That said: I'm still not connected to this book, so I'm out. Galaktikon #1: Brendon Small's comic baseed on his concept album. Funny as hell. And his droid's language is lettered as guitar tablature. I mean, he lists the gear needed to make those noises, and I don't have it all, but I still appreciate that on a very high level. Generations Banner Hulk & The Totally Awesome Hulk #1: now I don't need to read any of these Generations books. What a dumb fucking idea. Ghost Station Zero #1: Terrrrrrrible. Lark's Killer #1: Definitely not my bag. Looks good though. Comics: 1169 Trades: 33 Graphic Novels: 26 Omnibuses: 19
  17. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Never Leave Alive: interview research Other News: short for the festival The Canal: review forthcoming Features: 148 Shorts: 180 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1
  18. Episode 46: Nicole Kidman

    I can't find the clip, but on Cheers, he barged into the bar and told Carla that he would hold his hand over an open flame until she took him back, so then he grabbed a candle and held his hand like three feet above it. It KILLED me.
  19. Episode 46: Nicole Kidman

    Crazy, one of the movies discussed in tomorrow's DM has Dan Hedaya in it, but I don't think we even mention it because the casting is so crazy. I love Dan Hedaya. He's responsible for my all-time favorite sit com sight gag.
  20. The leisurely comic discussion thread

    Seriously, he MUST have pictures of someone. I don't get why he hasn't been Mussolini'd for all the world to see.
  21. Everything DC

    Seriously think about this: Gal Gadot is the ONLY woman in Hollywood with this pull. It's sad but true. Think of someone else. I mean, people will listen to Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie, but none of them are the thing standing between the studio and a billion dollar movie. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence during the Hunger Games days, but NO OTHER WOMAN in Hollywood has near enough of a bargaining chip as Gadot does right now. I already fucking loved her, but man....
  22. Everything DC

    Like...she's the greatest. Gal Gadot will only sign on to the Wonder Woman sequel if Warner buys out Ratner and sends him on his way.
  23. The leisurely comic discussion thread

    To be fair, he's basically been outed for like 10 years. He needs to be run out of the business, and every woman who were victims should file a class action lawsuit against DC/Warner Bros. for what they did. There's proof DC held this under their hat and shushed this up repeatedly. That's some tens/hundreds of millions of dollar shit right there. Companies have to be hit where it hurts for this shit to be actionable.
  24. Every comic you've read in 2017

    Action Comics #984: ok, did not see it going this way. Craziness. BPRD The Devil You Know #1: this was alright. Not enough to read more. Black Hammer #11: solid. Blood Brothers Hermanos de Sangre #2: not good. Captain America Sam Wilson #24: solid. Is this the end? I think so. Captain America Steve Rogers #19: wait...are they trying to make him sympathetic? Detective Comics #961: this was alright. Not as good as it's been lately. I Am Groot #3: this is fucking bonkers dumb. Don't get how they pushed it off the ledge so heavily. I'm out. Iceman #3: the worst of the issues so far, but still better than most. Infamous Iron man #10: not the best. John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction Vault #1: that's a mouthful. Pretty good, actually. Occupy Avengers #9: fucking great. Really fucking good. The best SE tie-in so far from everything I've read. This is so much like the Liberty legion angle I was pushing in my fan-fic when I was writing it. Justice League of America #11: I've never been much of a Ray guy, but this was really good. PAKLIS #3: no idea what's going on here. I think the experiment is over. Still pretty-looking though. Plastic #4: so fucking good. Secret Empire #7: I like where they're going. Shirtless Bearfighter #2: ridiculous fun. Suicide Squad #22: the angle of Harley leading the team is crazy but good. 'Namwolf #4: Decent end, I guess. Faith and the Future Force #1: pretty good. I'll read more. Comics: 1155 Trades: 33 Graphic Novels: 26 Omnibuses: 19
  25. Every Film You've Watched in 2017

    Susie's Beast/Trash Day/From Zombie With Love/Buzzcut/In The Deathroom/Bon Appetit/Flicker/esc/Shannon Act I: shorts for the festival Pity Party/The Hookman of Loch Raven/13 Dolls in Darkness: features for the festival 30 for 30-The Nature Boy: a feature length Ric Flair doc. It took me until the end to tear up, but it was flowing pretty liberally. Also, I might have fallen in love with Charlotte. Features: 146 Shorts: 179 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 1