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  1. The Punisher #6: holy shit. Where are they going with this? This truly is the golden age of Punisher comics. Turok #1: I really want a good Turok comic.This isn't it. Uncanny X-Men #8, 9: this is crazy. Love Legion stories. Wolverine the Long Night #1: I was prepared to not give this the time of day, but I really like it. This is the comic adaptation of the audio drama, right? X-23 #8: Not sure how long we're going to beat the dead clone horse here, but here we are. Asgardians of the Galaxy #5: the first one of these I didn't like. Babyteeth #14: goddamn. This is fucking good. Black Widow #1: this is the Soska sisters' run, and it starts off pretty well. Conan the Barbarian #2: ok, this one I really enjoyed. Fantastic Four #6: solid. Hawkman #8: yeah, I'm out. Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four Volume 2: still fucking great. Issues: 25 Trades: 1 Omnibus: 0 Graphic Novel: 0
  2. Billy Jack/The Trial of Billy Jack/Billy Jack Goes to Washington: reviews forthcoming. Rivers and Roads: The Head and the Heart Live From Pike Place: this is a documentary/performance film about my girlfriend's favourite band. It's like The Last Waltz-style presentation (not so deep on the interviews) with the added awkwardness of a former band member being interviewed. Pretty good. We're watching Some Kind of Monster next. Haha! Features: 18 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 2 Rewatches: 0
  3. It's a gooder. Biohazard: Degeneration/Biohazard: Damnation/Resident Evil: Vendetta: reviewed the three RE animated movies for the patreon supporters. The Born Losers: review forthcoming Shirley: look, they fictionalize the writing of Hangsaman with a script that is sometimes sloppy and rudderless. But I truly appreciate a biopic of Shirley Jackson that feels like one of her novels. It's a fun exercise that works probably better than it should. The performances in this are top-tier. Especially Elizabeth Moss. The score is INCREDIBLE. This is a best of year list contender for sure. Features: 15 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 0
  4. Blood Moon/Chopping Mall: reviews forthcoming Whiplash: Jesus...Teller is amazing in this. So is Guttenberg. But JK Simmons acting is still sitting in my head this morning. It is one of the finest performances I've ever seen. Why did I not watch this sooner? Features: 10 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 0
  5. Counterpoint: The show has always been stupid. Entertaining, but stupid.
  6. Psycho Goreman: holy hell, this is fun s fuck. Interview with writer/director in Monday's episode of DM. The Void: co-written and co-directed by the same guy. One of there best horror films of the past decade. One of the best cosmic horror films of all-time. Blade Trinity: Not only did I forget Patton Oswalt and Natasha Lyonne were in the film, but I also forgot that the last half of the movie is shot at a decommissioned floating McDonalds I ate at when I was six. Weird. Also, the movie isn't as bad as everyone (including me in the past) says about it. Don't get me wrong, it mostly sucks. But it's pretty fun at times. My boys liked it. Lovebirds: watched this tonight with the gf. This is REALLY good. Sharp, funny as fuck script. Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae are great. Solid flick. Features: 7 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 0
  7. Die #2: I can't explain why, but I'm out. Not grabbing me. Gunning for Hits #1: Decent. Not worth following though. Heroes in Crisis #4: still digging this. Infinity Wars Infinity #1: waste of time. Man Without Fear #1, 2: Nawww...I'm good. Marvel Knights 20th #5: It's losing its shine a bit but there's only one more to go. Murder Falcon #4: still really fun. Outer Darkness #3: Yeah, I'm out. Taking its sweet time. Time that I don't have, Prodigy #2: yeah, this is not good. Shatterstar #4: you know, for a character I've never cared about, this is a really good series. Suicide Squad Black Files #3: ultimately, the Katana story is still not great, but the Black Team story is rad. The Freeze #2: yeah, I'm bored by this. Too bad. Great premise. Issues: 13 Trades: 0 Omnibus: 0 Graphic Novel: 0
  8. Fight Club: I haven't watched it in ages, but the bus wanted to. Davin was paying lots of attention, and when they're trolling support groups he asked "is she even real?" about HB Carter's character. He was on to something for sure. Haha! Amazingly well-edited movie. Norton's great. Very dated movie. Features: 3 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 0
  9. Musangwe Fight Club: this is a bland BBC documentary about a two-week stint every year in a tribal area of South Africa where men from either side of a river come and fight each other in bare-knuckle boxing matches. I found it intriguing, but honestly, got a little sick to my stomach when I discovered 11-12 year old boys were doing it too. Weird watch. Like a Boss: The Tiffany Haddish/Rose Byrne movie. Salma Hayek was great, and I usually LOVE Haddish, but didn't enjoy this movie that much. Features: 2 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 1 Rewatches: 0
  10. Cool. If she has the same accent and delivery, I'm in.
  11. Death to 2020: this is a funny mockumentary by the guys who do Black Mirror. It's basically a roast of 2020 featuring Sam Jackson, Leslie Jones, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Kumail Nanjiani, Tracey Ullman, the fucking hilarious Diane Morgan and quickly becoming my favourite actress: Cristin Milioti. Really fun. Only 70 minutes. Features: 1 Shorts: 0 Documentaries: 0 Rewatches: 0
  12. Savage Dragon #248-52: So great. Lots of fun here, including the 100 page 250th issue. Larsen always giving young cartoonists a chance to be published in his books. Lots of intense story and violence, but also an issue dedicated to homaging Sunday Funnies, which was pretty wild. How many more gimmicks can he come up with? Captain America: To Serve & Protect/Captain America: Americans Nightmare: read these for...reasons. Marvel Comics #1000: this is the hardcover that collects #1001 as well. A real mixed bag, which is what you'll get with 150 pages of single page stories. They run the gamut from really dark and brooding to over-the-top goofy. The through line with the Eternity Mask is pretty great though, and I kind of wish Al Ewing had a chance to explore that further. And that's the final tally for the year. On to 2021! Issues: 334 Trades: 24 Omnibus: 9 Graphic Novel: 9
  13. Maybe the final tally, depending on if we watch a movie tonight or not: Host: not bad. Some really great in camera effects in places. Blade: holds up. This movie oozes cool, and that's the reason Marvel Studios exists. It's so good. Blade II: the CGI is hunker than I remember, but it's still a blast. Great script from Goyer and a terrifying monster. Features: 138 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  14. Not quite the final tally: Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Four Volume 1: so fucking great. Dolores: a Euro GN that is pretty bland. No ennui for me! X-Force #1: this is pretty solid. Books of Magic #3: They are really taking the slow train. I'm out. Conan The barbarian #1: Yikes. Bad first issue. I'll give it one more. Criminal #1: Not bad. I might just bounce and grab the trade. Or wait for another deluxe edition to match the others. Issues: 329 Trades: 21 Omnibus: 9 Graphic Novel: 9
  15. I truly believe that everything he does is a choice. There is no "fuck this movie is the shits, so who cares?" with Cage. He knows exactly what every film's performance needs more than anyone else.
  16. School Of Rock: I can't believe this is the only time my boys and I have watched it this year. I think we've averaged two point five times a year since the youngest was 7. Before that, it was like thirty times a year. Fucking fantastic film. Features: 135 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  17. Palm Springs: GF came over and was like "let's watch a movie, but not a genre one or a serious one, let's watch a dumb romcom that I saw on Prime." I agreed. Then it turned out that this was a dark, depressing, blackly comic riff on Groundhog Day. So, the joke was on her. Andy Sandberg is good in this but the girl from that Black Mirror episode riffing on sci fi fandom is in it and she's fucking rad. Features: 134 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  18. Yeah, same. Then he watched it at school the next day. Hahaha! Martyrs/Blood Vessel: reviews forthcoming Features: 133 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  19. Porno/VFW/Terrified: reviews forthcoming National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: Youngest is blue he can't see his grandparents at Christmas and wanted to watch this movie the other night. I was shocked to discover I don't own it and it isn't streaming. I guess I probably could have rented it on Amazon, but it was on Blu Ray for $10 at Wall-Mart. This movie never gets fucking old. Features: 131 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  20. P2: review forthcoming Being Frank: This is pretty much The Great Outdoors if John Candy's role was played by Jim Gaffigan and he had a secret second family. Title on IMDB is "You Can Choose Your Family." It's set in 1992 probably more to do with a lack of cellphones than any other reason, but it has a feeling of the movies of that era. Just not that funny. Features: 127 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  21. Due Date: this is a complete ripoff of Planes, Trains and Automobiles (a genuinely perfect film and total classic), but it is still pretty great. Tons of laughs. Good performances. Better than the Hangover movies. 0.0 MhZ/Illang: The Wolf Brigade/: reviews forthcoming. Game Over, Man: dumb fun. Upgrade: I haven't seen a sci fi film this good in the last ten years. Incredible. Features: 125 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  22. The Empty Man #2: I like the art, I like the premise, but it isn't lighting me on fire. I'm out. Typhoid Fever Iron Fist #1: what a weird minicrossover. I enjoyed it.. Uncanny X-Men #5: I'm loving this. I guess this leads right into Age of X-Man or whatever. Vampironica #5: not a bad finale. Weapon X #27: what a weird finale. Good though. X-23 #7: Can't have a storyline without a new clone, I guess. I'm getting bored of this. X-Men Red #11: great ending! Zorro Swords of Hell #2: Dumb. I'm out. Betty & Veronica #1: the set-up is a two-way misunderstanding about boys. Boring. Captain America #6: not bad. Dead Man Logan #2: really digging this. Defenders The Best Defense #1: what a fucking weird mini crossover. Haha! I don't get it, but whatever. Extermination #5: a decent ending Fantastic Four #5: a lovely issue. Freedom Fighters #1: this reads like the exact kind of shit I'd write, but it isn't hitting me heavily. I'll give it another issue. Hardcore #1: lame. Same premise as the movie Possessor with zero of the tone or thematic weight. Infinity Wars Fallen Guardian #1: lame. Infinity Wars #6: pretty unmemorable. Definitely not what you want for a crossover. Livewire #1: yeah, naw. Marvel Knights 20th #4: still weird and intriguing Megaghost #1: this is awful. Old Man Hawkeye #12: hell of an ending. Season's Beatings #1: awful Superior Spider-Man #1: it's alright. I'll give it another. The Cape: Fallen #3: finally popped off. Editing to add the stack of books on my bedside table: Harleen: Sejic was already one of (if not THE) best comics artist alive, but he also wrote one of the best things in the Bat-universe in the past decade or so. A brilliant book. The Wild Storm vol 4: We get real introductions to Midnight sand Apollo here. Solid. I guess it's done though? Is that it? Kind of a bummer. I thought there were going to be more crossover aeries like Michael Cray, but maybe sales weren't big enough. Sad, it's the best thing Ellis has done in ages. Birthright vol 8: Amazing as always. M.O.D.O.K. Head Trips: why they named the brand new miniseries about him the exact same thing as this will be confusing for people buying it in a few months in trade, but this collects some early stories of the character with some new. A few issues of Kirby's Captain America in Tales of Suspense, an Iron Man annual drawn by Tuska, and a bunch of Hulk issues drawn by Sal Buscema. Not bad. It also collects the Juan Doe FF one shot, a Marvel Adventures Avengers issue which is really fun, the MODOK's 11 miniseries and MODOK Assassin during that Battleworld thing that I gave up an issue into. But it's actually really funny to see him falling in love with Angela. The definition of a mixed bag but great overall. The Man-Thing by Steve Gerber vol 1: rereading this to follow along with Defenders Dialogue. I'm a few issues into volume 2 and I'm delighted to find volume three coming out early in 2021. The Umbrella Academy volume 3: I've sure put some money into buying a series I've only ever really liked one single issue of. Beasts of Burden: Neighborhood Watch: delightful. I wish there was more of this stuff. Swing vol 2: not quite as enticing as the first volume. Jack Kirby's Dingbat Love: this great collection collects three unpublished 70s works by the King and they're great. Yes, even the Dingbats of Danger Street have their charm, but True-Life Divorce and Soul Love are amazing. Batman: the 1989 Movie Adaptation: I read this way back when, but it still holds up. It's a great adaptation of the movie, actually. X-Factor Epic Collection: X-Aminations: fantastic. This Peter David run on X-Factor is very underrated. The art is up and down. Mutant X The Complete Collection vol 2: not as good as vol 1, but still really fun. Adding a few more: The Punisher #5: this rules. I don't give a shit. Rsenberg is officially the definitive Punisher writer for me. The guy integrates him into the regular Marvel universe like no other writer before him. The Warning #2: naw...it's a science fiction comic and apparently I don't ever enjoy those anymore. Uncanny X-Men #6, 7: This storyline is rad. So good. Weapon H #11: Still so good. Issues: 325 Trades: 20 Omnibus: 9 Graphic Novel: 8
  23. The Glorias: Not a huge fan of artsy fartsy biopics, but this one was pretty good. Julianne Moore and the woman who plays slightly younger Gloria Steinem were great. Clueless: watched this with Stacy and her girls last night. Fuck, this movie is fucking funny. It holds up incredibly well. It also mixes very broad comedy and slapstick with clever satire delightfully. Vampires vs. The Bronx: oldest is in quarantine thanks to his fast food job at his mom's so youngest and I watched this tonight. Not bad. Simple PG 13 fair. The main kid would be great as a live action Miles Morales. Speaking of... Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: hands down the best Marvel movie. Like, there's this, there's Spider-Man 2, and then X2 and then a bunch of others in some random order because they can't compare. Features: 120 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  24. Goddess Mode #1: not my thing, and I am not the audience. Hellboy Winter Special 2018: Why not? It was good for the most part. Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #4: I really lost steam on this one. Justice League Dark #6: fuck this book's good! Miles Morales Spider-Man #1: so very little happened in this issue that it's just not the type of storytelling I'm looking for now. Seems like a waste of time. I haven't used the term "decompressed" in reference to storytelling in a long time, but this is just overboard. Murder Falcon #3: This series is so damned fun. Outer Darkness #2: Ok, this one gets one more from me. Not the best. But I'm still intrigued. Quantum Age #5: this got sentimental really quick. Sweet issue. Sasquatch Detective Special #1: they had me with the title and lost me with the awfulness of the book. Silver Surfer The Best Defense #1: I have no idea what the fuck is happening in these books, but I need to see the last issue. Snap Flash Hustle #1: while this feels like a failed TV pitch, it is still great concept and the first issue pulled me in. I'll give it another. The Batman Who Laughs #1: Ok, somehow I got pulled into this and didn't hate it like I did that first Death Metal issue. I'll see where this goes a little bit. Issues: 295 Trades: 13 Omnibus: 5 Graphic Novel: 7
  25. Observe and Report: this was pretty funny at parts, and Ray Liotta was great. Anna Faros is great as per usual. It has one of the most shocking things I've ever seen in a comedy. Other than that, it's a pretty rough watch. All 6 live action Resident Evil Films: reviews forthcoming Features: 116 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3