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  1. Haha! It definitely gets better animation and story-wise halfway through season one (with the introduction of Doom).
  2. That rape joke in season 2 (I believe?) is top ten hardest I've laughed in my life. "My wife would be very uncomfortable with the amount of raping I'm doing versus pillaging." Something to that effect. Just watched the first two episodes of the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series. I got it and the X-Men discs in the mail today. They're corny AF but still kind of fun. That theme song though...yikes.
  3. Oh cool. I'll see if it's on Prime in Canada, because I've got that. Maybe the boys want to watch it with me.
  4. Peanut Butter Falcon: a beautiful film. Big MUD vibes. I'll be shocked if I see a movie this year I like more. Features: 79 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  5. They're both great. But Winter Soldier is a really good film. You can't say the same about First Avenger. It's patchy, weirdly paced and a little goofy. I still love it. But Winter Soldier is the best thing the MCU has come up with.
  6. Project Power: this was really fun. It's what I want to see more of: new shit. I mean, the idea isn't new because it's basically 1/12th Hourman, but Jamie Foxx is a fucking star. I love that guy. Levitt's alright, and the little girl is pretty great too. Great depiction of superpowers. Solid action directing. I'd rather see a sequel to this or Bright than any of the current Marvel slate. Features: 78 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  7. Running Man: still jonesing for a slab of sci fi cheese from Schwarzenegger/Ventura after The Predator swerve, the boys and I watched this the other night. What a shitload of fun. Very prescient. Features: 77 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  8. I loved First Avenger. I loved Ragnarok too. But they don't stand up to GOTG for me. It was the true diversion from the Marvel playbook. A space opera with a cast of essentially unknown characters that, for better or worse, affected and influenced every MCU film to follow.
  9. Dread

    DC Purge

    I'm not happy about any of this. Except Bob Harris. Fuck that guy. This is devastating for the comic book industry.
  10. The Predator: in fairness, I thought that Predator had come to Netflix. Sadly no. But we watched this anyway. I thought it was really fun. There are a few editing snafus that show some chunks being cut out, but I liked it overall. I haven't seen Predators, but the Predator movies are overall, very good. Features: 76 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  11. Dread

    DC Purge

    800? I saw 600! Crazy. I think this is leading to the end of DC being in the monthly comic business. Digital only and then physical trades. Once Disney sees that, Marvel will go the same way. Monthly comics haven't made money in decades.
  12. The other half of round three is going to be a battle, but I don't see any of them beating Winter Soldier.
  13. Dread

    DC Purge

    It's not public news yet, but it looks like major layoffs happening at DC thanks to WB,
  14. I'm the same. There's an emotional tie to that film that's undeniable. I can't exactly say that it's even a good film.
  15. Asgardians of the Galaxy #3: this is pretty fun. Border Town #3: great Champions #26: this is kind of lame. I am not a fan of these kinds of stories. They kind of reek of a lack of ideas. Dead Rabbit #2: this is fun. Secret Agent Deadpool #5: easily the most entertaining series of Deadpool books I've ever read. Fearscape #2: this is alright. A little too esoteric. Infinity Wars #5: this is freaking great! Iron Fist Phantom Limb #1: unreadable Marvel Knights #1: this was really weird and intriguing. Outer Darkness #1: I'll maybe stick around for another. Road of the Dead #1: another boring zombie comic.I'm out. Shatterstar #2: this is quite good Suicide Squad Black Files #1: I really enjoyed this. Especially the magical team story. The Empty Man #1: I'm intrigued. The Green Lantern #1: awful. Grant Morrison on autopilot. I'm out. Typhoid Fever/X-Men #1: this was a weird surprise. Weapon X #25: so good. X-23 #6: they're kind of contracting the scope of the stories they're telling with this new numbered series. Not sure how I feel about it yet. X-Men Red #10: still great. Bitter Root #1: I get it, but it didn't grab me. I think I'm out. Captain America #5: not bad. Cyber Force #7: this is treading water. I think I'm out. Daredevil #611: fucking great. Daughters of the Dragon #1: not bad. I've never really been a Colleen Wing fan. I'm still not. Electric Warriors #1:I couldn't tell you the plot of this at gunpoint. So forgettable. Fantastic Four #3: Wow. This was amazing. God of War #1: haha! Not bad. Infinity Warps #1: ugh. terrible. Murder Falcon #2: still rad. Ninja-K #13: so good. Quantum Age #4: stuff is finally happening here. Not the best Black Hammer iteration. Not too bad though. Red Hood Outlaw #28: ugh...Scott Lobdell. Terrible. The Black Order #1: these characters only work when they're fighting characters with personalities. Issues: 215 Trades: 12 Omnibus: 4 Graphic Novel: 7
  16. Come on. Maybe the best of the entire MCU versus probably the worst? No contest here.
  17. I'm not voting on a movie's influence. I'm voting on entertainment. Thor: Ragnarok has that in spades.
  18. Infinity War is a bloated mess. GOTG is probably my pick for best of the MCU.
  19. The Wrong Missy: Lauren Lapkus is a genius. This movie still sucks though. Two solid laughs. Murder Mystery: I can't stand Jennifer Aniston. She's the absolute worst actress to me. This sucked too. One solid laugh and a chuckle. Sing Street: had to check and see if this is a rewatch, but I guess I watched it late in 2019 for the fourth time or whatever. The movie still holds up, but god does it look like balls with motion smoothing. I would have changed the airbnb's TV settings but only the Roku remote was available. Features: 75 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  20. I'm with him. I think 2 is the best one, and it's not very good. Haha! Black Panther. Not a huge fan of this movie due to the terrible CGI, but I enjoyed the casting and the stakes. One of the best villains in the MCU too.
  21. Those last two Avengers movies aren't movies. They're a collection of scenes. Some good moments, lots of baffling choices. You could have cut an hour and twenty off of each of them and made them one movie and it would have been great. As such, Guardians 2 was really fun and a worthy sequel to its predecessor. Also, it had a great villain.
  22. Cap takes this easy. What a bright spot in superhero movies that was. Getting the guy who directed Rocketeer (the best superhero film of all-time) to direct it was a stroke of genius, and he did not disappoint.