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  1. Thanks guys! wish I was here on the day to respond but those Too cool to kills don't write themselves... Also skyward sword...just skyward sword
  2. This is it...the end of the war...will all our favourite characters make it out alive....
  3. I think the villians masterplan was to give everyone heart attacks....for the lols...I think
  4. This right here is my fave still makes me smile
  5. Insert inappropriate and pointless egg based gag here
  6. Shining knight

    DC reboot

    Green lanterns now been dropped. Unlike the rest I will be continuing it in trades
  7. If you have dragonfire...shouldn't you have happiness patrol as well?
  8. I'm sure theres plenty of time for that by the end of that season
  9. It has the scarface story and the lobo team up as well right? if so will need to double dip
  10. Long time listener first time poster The body is a story I fondly remember as it first showed in the uk a week after my grandmother died...I felt the pain the scoobies felt and it made it so much more real for me... As for angels future episodes without spoiling anything for those who may listen to this without watching the episodes (do those people exist?) they really pissed all the potential of these past few episodes (well minus those two diabolical filler episodes you covered last time) down the drain with the later half of the series didn't they?
  11. Whore house, Arbatovs and vampires oh my... aka what may be the one entry in which I hate most of the stories contained... This is my Terrible trio folks...literally
  12. No kidding... I mean with big Dave, Babe race and dinosty and other garbage...
  13. Closure?
  14. Shining knight


    I was there at Glasgow con...I am still not holding my breath that this will happen unless they somehow make this the way to get out of this awful reboot.
  15. The episode where I fought hard not to include that infamous William shatner rendition of Also Dante becomes a bit of a bastard...
  16. It had to happen eventually....
  17. On a 2000ad fansite I do a regular column on the fantastic Nikolai Dante comic book serial. I posted on the episode 545 thread a complete list of episodes which covered the series up to the utterly impossible to get third graphic novel collection. Here it is again for posterity. http://thrillpowerov...ol-to-kill.html Now we move onto thefourth book and the saga takes a dark, dark turn. Be aware spoilers are all over the place. http://2000ad.wordpr...-war-journal-1/
  18. Lets see 1st doctor An unearthy child The Daleks Edge of destruction The keys of marinus The rescue the romans the space museum the chase Lost in time (A collection of surviving episodes of culled stuff) Second doctor Lost in time (A collection of surviving episodes of culled stuff) The invasion the seeds of death the war games third doctor spearhead from space the silurians inferno terror of the autons the curse of peladon the time monster the three doctors carnival of monsters the time warrior monster of peladon fourth doctor robot the ark in space the sontaran experiment genesis of the daleks revenge of the cybermen the brain of morbius the talons of weng chiang (special edition) underworld invasion of time The key to time (all of it) destiny of the daleks nightmare of eden horns of nimon the leisure hive full circle state of decay warriors gate the keeper of traken logopolis fifth doctor castrovalva four to doomsday kinda the visitation black orchid earthshock time flight arc of infinity snake dance the black guardian trilogy the kings demons the five doctors planet of fire caves of androzani (special edition) sixth doctor the twin dilemma attack of the cybermen vengeance on varos the mark of the rani timelash revelation of the daleks trial of a timelord (yes I am aware I have all of colin bakers doctor episodes) seventh doctor Time and the rani paradise towers delta and the bannermen dragonfire rememberence of the daleks the happiness patrol silver nemesis The greatest show in the galaxy (not out yet but I've preordered it so I am counting it) battlefield ghostlight the curse of fenric survival doctor eight I drezz for the occasion aka Eric roberts chews scenery featuring the doctor Doctors 9-11 all of it plus I have all of torchwood and all of sarah jane adventures plus infinity quest and dreamland
  19. Theres only two times I have considered quitting comics. First time was 90s 2000ad during the era where the so called superstar writers Grant Morrison and Mark Millar were doing their best to ruin the comic. This one suceeded and I only came back to 2000ad in 2005 thanks to a series of articles called thrill power overload in the judge Dredd megazine which chronicled the history of the comic Second time is the new 52...I have tried I really have but I now only buy four dc comics now after getting over 25 at the start of the new 52. This one is a wait and see
  20. Courtship of Jena Markarov (the third trade) in perticular is so important to the series yet so hard to get it I've seen it go for about 80 pounds uk sometimes on ebay. Despite owning the original comics for the series of Articles I mentioned in my first post I went and bought up the trades I was missing. If I recall it was Sword of the tsar onwards and getting some of those was a pain in the uk so god knows how America would fare. About those series of Articles. I am quite proud of them as both Simon Fraser and former editor David bishop has helped and encouraged me to go onwards with it. I made a link today on my blog to all of them so far (I've gotten to the end of the third trade) I would like to warn that if you do read them there are story spoilers all over the place due to the nature of them.
  21. Andreas was always a favourite as well. It was kinda neat how out of all the assholes in the romanovs there was at least one who was almost exactly like Nikolai himself. Its so hard to talk about some things without spoiling the wonderful story. Arkady while being a nasty little berk had one of the better storyarcs going from a bitter young guy who was pissed at Dante for taking something which belonged to him to the man he eventually became. Viktor is impossible to talk about hes the other Romanov who had a hell of a journey during the series.
  22. Regular listener, first time poster. Thank you for covering Nikolai Dante. Its my favourite series to the point I post a series of articles on it on a 2000ad fansite. Its such an epic series and it builds its supporting cast so well that it can tear you apart inside when terrible sad things begin to happen to them. My personal favourite supporting character (who was introduced in the first trade at least) Is LuLu Romanov. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!