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  1. It was said once early 90s if they had did a fifth series it would have been set in the 60s with blackadder as a bastard son of the royals forming a band with a drummer called Bald Rick
  2. Hannah was right scotland is technically (at the moment) part of britain.
  3. I am only halfway through but do you mention supernatural and the fact almost everyone dies horribly at some point? Also the ultimate example of darrening surely must be Doctor who right?
  4. similar to above six should be in his version
  5. As I said in my other post I am counting the peoples and workers of blackpool as my seventh pick
  6. wow did I really type lanarkshire?!? god scotland on the brain me.... if course I meant lancashire also is the my profile change function down...cannot acess the edit part to change the sig
  7. um sixth picks well... blackpool lanarkshire technically supporting cast is the peoples and workers of the vegas of the north so I am pretty much done...heres the final signiture....
  8. Mega man....that is all
  9. well I was gonna reveal the place....but then i realised i needed a second villian so is it possible to have the autons?
  10. yeah my locations somewhere specific on earth....won't say where til my next pic though
  11. and now....introducing the threat no 6 and his faithful companions shall be facing.... ALFRED PENNYWORTH! wait....
  12. detective comics and batman are getting 4 issues each is it me or is that overkill? I do love the riddler cover though
  13. hey if amy has to go fair enough its rory I am after anyway I just assumed since they were married....
  14. and now for my next pick The last centurian and the girl who waited The ponds
  15. hey something I've wanted in hardcover for years.... -sees price- 100 quid...da fug?!?
  16. Goddamn were those depressing episodes you covered this week I do recall though as hard as wes was hit with the retard ball in those episodes he became a more badass character afterwards...or as me and my bro referred to him "the Batwes"
  17. one piece on the uk and about time too
  18. seriously...I wish to know who decided to do that to Ra's al guhls you do not screw with a voice like that!!!!
  19. Awesome pick no 1 shall be done in song Aka doctor no six pick no 2 Shall be the most badass nurse and butler who ever roamed the galaxies SONTAR-HA! Strax
  20. oh please let me join! I can wait till everyone else has picked!
  21. dammit...too late again always seem to be late
  22. first newspaper has leaked... gonna be another regeneration soon