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  1. Ugh...I want her Telecaster.
  2. Making Monsters: feature for the festival Features: 134 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  3. Terminator: Dark Fate: kind of a CGI shitshow, but it was really enjoyable. Decent follow-up to T2. Features: 133 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  4. Nightmare Cinema: review forthcoming Features: 132 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  5. Yeah, she's a cutie too. What Dream Master DOES have going for it is possibly the best poster in the series... Like...look at it!
  6. I crushed HARD on Tuesday Knight as a kid, but now that I'm older, I realize that Lisa Wilcox is the real babe. But as my girlfriend says "there's a girl in EVERY movie" hahaha I just wished that Kincaid got to do a little more in the wrecking yard fight scene.
  7. ANOES 4: The Dream Master: nowhere near as good as any of the previous films, a better Nightmare film than 2, but a worse film than 2. Still really fun. Features: 131 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  8. Yeah, I defend Bloodline a lot. It's certainly better than Hell on Earth.
  9. ANOES 3: Dream Warriors: still my vote for the best in the series. By far, actually.Fun Fact: the Dokken song used as NWA Powerrr's theme song is also featured heavily in this movie. Flesher/Blood Puppet! Christmas '94/The New End: features for the festival Features: 130 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  10. Ice Cream Man #6: there's no way this doesn't reach my top 5 horror comics of the year list. Awesome. Infinity Wars #2: still pretty good. Multiple Man #3: awesome. Ninja-K #10: this is Valiant's best series. I think I can say that definitively. Pearl #1: no thanks. Volition #1: also no thanks. I just don't like sci fi in comic or book form, I guess. Weapon H #6: I am absolutely loving this series. Weapon X #22: this is a quality drop. I'll give it another issue. Archie's Superteens vs Crusaders #2: this was awful. Now, get me a Crusaders series with this artist and I'm in. Batman Kings of Fear #1: no thank you Bedtime Games #3: a sleeper for best horror comic Black Hammer Age of Doom #4: I didn't expect this angle, and I'm glad they're doing it. Cold Spots #1: Too early to say, but this is some good horror comics Daredevil #607: I really enjoyed this weird diversion form the regular DD story. I sure hope it doesn't cop out and reveal to be Mysterio again. Die! #1: this was kind of dumb fun. Hunt for Wolverine Mystery in Madripoor #4: oh thank god, Betsy Braddock is back! Justice League Dark #2: this is slow-moving as hell, but I'm still enjoying it. Old Man Hawkeye #8: decent Old Man Logan #46: it's easy to see where this is leading. It's still good though. Love seeing Alpha Flight back too. The Sentry #3: really fun, especially since the title character doesn't actually appear except for like one panel of a flashback. Comics: 170 Trades: 15 Graphic Novels: 11 Omnibus: 3
  11. Final Cuts: feature for the festival Features: 126 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  12. That's a hell of a double feature. Scream Factory just announced a special edition of TSPM with an action figure of the dude with the drill. I'm tempted. ATBLML is one of the best American horror films of the aughts. SBITSBOR (haha, that was hard) is cheeseball classic. And Almost everything Decoteau does is softcore gay porn at this point. Funny story, almost ended up working for him.
  13. Yeah, very reminiscent of the Crocket Promotions stuff (I think) on my best of Ric Flair DVD set. Like, completely lifted from it. I'm sure its existence gives Jim Cornette a constant hard-on.
  14. ANOES 2: Freddy's Revenge: Seriously though, the subtext here (probably unintentional) is ridiculously over-the-top gay-themed. The relationship mark Patton has with his bully is bizarre. The absolute lack of sexual chemistry between him and his female love interest only lends to it. It's a fascinating example of a film that can be viewed through different eyes based on the criticism. It is, however, a HORRIBLE Nightmare film. It entirely disregards the rules established in the first film and justifies it by having the leads discover Nancy's diary (that never existed in the first film) to explain away the whole possession angle. Fun watch, halfway decent horror film, great example of queer film, horrible entry in the franchise. Features: 125 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  15. I've watched AEW Dark and NWA Powerrr both this week. A one hour free wrestling show a week on Youtube is awesome and that's what I'm going to be doing until I can figure out watching the AEW TV show. too. The NWA show was super old school, and I really liked it. The AEW one had its moments, but felt kind of flat by the end.
  16. A Nightmare on Elm Street: forgot to add this. John Saxon is kind of wasted. Nancy's mother is focused on but I kind of wish they went with her father more. Other than that, it's basically a masterpiece. Features: 124 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  17. Joker: It might be the film of the year. The best film of the year? Probably not. But the film that is most talked about, yes. Phoenix's performance will likely get a deserved nomination, but, because the oscars generally never choose the cool film, he won't win. I loved it. I appreciated seeing nihilism onscreen so definitively. It's not the best comic book movie, but it's the best one since there was an MCU/DCU rivalry. Django Unchained: my boys wanted to watch this, so we did. Probably the last great Tarantino film. It's probably Samuel L. Jackson's best performance. Great watch. Features: 123 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  18. Yeah, absolutely. It's a definite switch between the story that's there and the story that hasn't yet been told. That's kind of a recurring motif in Barker's mythos.
  19. Hobo With a Shotgun: better than I remember, and I remember it being really good. Features: 121 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  20. Rot/Comfortless/Slaughterhouse Slumber Party: feature for the festival Features: 120 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
  21. Avengers/Defenders War: this wasn't bad, but it was really unfocused. I wish there was more between Loki and Dormammu, because that was the fun part. Unnatural #2: not good. I'm out. X-Men Blue #33: still very solid. Astonishing X-Men Annual 1: I'm loving this. Babyteeth #12: well this escalated. Cable & Deadpool Annual 1: terrible. Like, unreadable. Crowded #1: definitely not for me. Extermination #1: Best event first issue I've read in ages. I'm intrigued. Very X-event. Throwback to Xecutioner's Song. Digging it. But, man, you need to know a little bit of X-lore to understand. At one point Young Jean Grey, modern Jean Grey, Rachel Summers and Cable are all in the same room. Haha! Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer #4: decent. Not great. This is the least entertaining of these minis. Comics: 170 Trades: 15 Graphic Novels: 11 Omnibus: 3
  22. You Die/Blind/Vortex/Drawing Near/Return of the Slasher Nurse/Diablo Rojo pty: features for the festival Features: 117 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 6
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