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  1. I really wish they would quit with the exclusive trailers at SDCC and then get pissy when they leak online. Either release them to everyone or don't release them at all. Fans shouldn't be left out because they can't afford to go to SDCC. With that being said, the Infinity War trailer looks badass.
  2. This trailer just doesn't excite me. I hope it turns out good, but I won't be counting down the days until it comes out.
  3. I can't disagree with you more. Ned was basically the audience going along for the ride. May was good, and ends the movie perfectly.
  4. So apparently Amazon is doing the t.v. shows because I just got a survey from amazonpreviews about it. Its a one hour show and they were asking who they should cast as the gunslinger.
  5. I've heard this is actually the first few minutes of the movie so spoilers I guess.
  6. It's not what I thought it would be, but that's ok with me.
  7. I can't get over how bad Medusa looks. Did they get that wig at a Halloween store?
  8. Okja: It has some of the zaniest quirky characters in any movie. It's also proof that Tilda Swinton can play anything or anyone. Her CEO character is almost like a teenage girl in an adult's body.
  9. But by being in one, it's automatically in the other. We just won't get to see it.
  10. Since Homecoming is in the MCU, how can it be in one and not the other?
  11. There is something that I can't stop thinking about. Yes, it's being nitpicky it it shouldn't be there.
  12. The official synopses for the next three Marvel movies.
  13. Hackers are holding the new Pirates of the Caribbean hostage. Why are companies still putting these movies and tv shows on servers with open internet access?
  14. Scream Queens has been cancelled by Fox.
  15. Fox cancelled Sleepy Hollow, Son of Zorn, APB, Making History, and Rosewood.
  16. Black Bolt will communicate with sign language.
  17. That was an amazing experience. It's not going to win any awards but damn is it a fun movie. I had the same stupid grin on my face the whole time that I had watching the first movie. I didn't think they could beat the opening credits of the first one with Quill dancing, but they did. It may not expand on any of the Earthborn Avengers movies, but it sure does expand on the Marvel Cinematic Universe off Earth. My fresh thoughts: Stan Lee's cameo made me so happy. Drax pretty much stole the movie. Michael Rooker acted his ass off. Baby Groot should be a merchandising money printing machine. There is a lot more death and swearing than I was expecting. I thought they were a little too heavy on the music. Almost every scene was a song. Are they making movies just to sell the soundtrack? I'm glad we have more backstory to the Ravagers and that they aren't just Yondu's thugs. I'm hoping for a spinoff.
  18. I think it looks like cosplay at a minor convention.
  19. I mean, I don't know where you're getting that from the most generic group shot for a TV show ever, but if so that's good because kids don't watch TV. They watch Youtube. Because it's a generic shot of multi ethnic teens that nobody has ever heard of. Just like any Youtube series made by Fine Brothers or any number of other groups on Youtube.
  20. It looks like a Youtube series.