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  1. The worst thing about the show is that every time they introduce side characters, I want to know more about them than I do the main characters. That even goes for the villains.
  2. A representative from Sony told IGN a currently "untitled Sony/Marvel" film will hit the big screen on July 10 of 2020, and an "untitled Sony/Marvel sequel" is set to arrive in theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.
  3. So I was watching something about what happened on the Lethal Weapon tv show. If you don't know they fired the Riggs actor and leaked audio from the set that made him look bad. Anyways I was watching an interview where he told his side of the story and said they had blackmailed him the whole second season with this audio threatening to release it. He brought up that the same thing had happened to Christian Bale and pointed out that both projects were McG sets. Why is nobody talking about the fact that most likely McG is blackmailing his stars with audio that could ruin their careers and releasing them when they don't play ball? He said on set you wear a mic all day so there are a lot of private conversations that would get recorded. If this is true McG is a scumbag.
  4. JackFetch


    Pratt is supposedly a huge Christian. That itself means nothing. I just didn't know that for a long time.
  5. I think most people see it as an interruption to the game they paid to play, and that's why they have almost given up on it. Killing off Desmond pretty much ruined it in most fan's eyes.
  6. I would play Origins first. There is very little ship combat and it introduces the new combat pretty well. I also love the story. Odyssey is built around ship combat since you have to sail everywhere. Odyssey also abandons the assassins part of the Assassin's Creed story since it takes place before they existed. If you are following that lore, this isn't for you. Both games almost abandon the outside the animus stuff. They are both fun.
  7. I still think Brotherhood is the best game. I'm not a fan of ship combat and the fact that they keep shoehorning it into games is making me lose interest in the series.
  8. I always assumed it was furry because it's hair tuft looks exactly like the rest of it's body. If it wasn't furry it would look terrifying.
  9. He filmed a bunch of cameos for future Marvel movies awhile back and everytime one shows up it's going to be like a warm hug.
  10. I can't believe they made a live action buddy detective movie with Pokemon. What a time to be alive. Still though, all I hear is Deadpool coming out of Pikachu's mouth. Think of the kids that will grow up on this and then see Deadpool for the first time in a few years. Their minds will be blown.
  11. She is huge with young people. She started on a Disney show and is a singer and model as well.
  12. Hollywood doesn't usually hire known actors to not see their faces. It's why Stallone took off the helmet in Judge Dredd. It's also one of the reasons V For Vendetta was so refreshing to me for ignoring this rule. They could go either way with this movie.
  13. It was good but Netflix, and especially with Daredevil they can't seem to make up their mind on wearing the suit. At least they worked it into the story this time.
  14. I don't know how much longer I can stick with Titans.
  15. Lucasfilm finally officially canceled the Boba Fett movie.
  16. Now I'm convinced that you guys have seen my collection and are fucking with me.
  17. I bought Jack of All trades on dvd. Also had a great theme song.
  18. Netflix has cancelled both Iron Fist and Luke Cage.
  19. I still sing the theme song every once in awhile.
  20. When he tells Matrix that he is getting old and slow I'm like, uh look in the mirror bud. Apparently he was called in 6 weeks into production so he never got a wardrobe fitting which explains why his costume doesn't fit but doesn't explain the outfit choice. There has been a lot of speculation about whether he was in love with Matrix, which is pretty obvious to me but the Director swears he is just a super macho hetero dude.
  21. Ok so I'm watching Commando, a movie I've seen a dozen times over the years. I don't know why this didn't become a franchise. I think it's the movie that started all the big action revenge movies in the 80s. What I can't figure out is why they chose the main bad guy to look like Freddie Mercury's somehow even gayer brother. I mean, he's wearing a fucking chainmail vest for some reason. Matrix is this huge buff badass and his big rival is a doughy middle aged guy with a big porn stache.
  22. This is happening more and more. People need to learn how to ignore people on social media. Fighting with them is what they want. It's really bad in the video game industry also. Also, this is the first time I've heard of comicsgate. Can someone give me the scoop on what is going on?
  23. I just watched the first episode of Titans. It's hard to judge based on the first episode because it's just introducing you to the characters and the world. My initial thoughts on the characters. I'll definitely keep watching to see where they go.
  24. I love Superstore. It's ridiculous and full of morons. Just like a good comedy show should be.