Episode 130


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It's the fifth anniversary of Bigger on the Inside, and also the 50th anniversary of some show called Doctor Who. You've probably never heard of it. To celebrate, the guys spend an hour reading e-mails, then they discuss two episodes from stories they had only ever seen as reconstructions: episode three of "Galaxy 4," and episode two of "The Underwater Menace." From there they dive into "The Enemy of the World" and "The Web of Fear," which were stories that were fully lost until recently. They then cap things off with the Big Finish audio drama The Light at the End! Note: When you hear the TARDIS land, that's when a classic BOTI clip begins. When it takes off, the clip has ended. [ 3:30:30 || 101.3 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_130.mp3

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I want a companion from the past again (I really thought I was going to get one with Victorian Clara)

You and me both. I was very excited at the prospect of Victorian Clara and was disappointed when she was yet another spunky cute modern girl (although the 50th has actually shown me a new side to her I quite enjoyed) and I would love it if we had someone with a different perspective.

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I'd love to see the Doctor travel with another Timelord, maybe a very young one in his/her first incarnation!

That could actually be quite fun. That was pretty much the situation with Romana, but it would be cool to see hm really take someone under his wing like that.

I will never understnad the love you guys have for battlefiled. bad acting, bad dialogue "you and your freaky friends". I cringe every time they get to the boom scene. But each to their own

Speaking for myself, I enjoy Battlefield because it's a very fun story in an era that was more concerned with being kewl and beating us over the head with how mysterious the Doctor is. The "boom" scene is godawful, no argument, but the story as a whole is quite enjoyable, and, frankly, one of the few McCoy stories I actively enjoy and seek out.

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