Episode 02.01: Neverwhere


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Ian and Dave begin their second show: Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. In "Door," self-described normal, boring man Richard Mayhew rescues a girl called Door from assassins. This act leads him to discover the strange, hidden world of London Below. In "Knightsbridge," Richard attempts to find Door in London Below while Door and The Marquis de Carabas search for evidence that will lead them to those responsible for the murders of Door's family. Statistician Ian returns, they briefly discuss the US Ultravilolet pilot, and Ian has to confess more things he hasn't seen. [ 1:44:49 || 50.6 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/twiceasbrighthalfaslong/episodes/twice_004.mp3

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Another great one, Gents.

After reading Preston's review of Neverwhere, I tried to give the show a shot. However, I didn't get far, because I can't stand the shot-on-video-in-the-1990s look. That's one of the reasons it's been hard for me to catch up on the sci-fi programs I missed back then.

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The original idea was that they were going to filmise it (like they do on most shows today) and therefore lit it as they would have if it had been filmed. However, they did not filmise the video footage for whatever reason, and so it looks incredibly harsh and cheap.

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Gaiman wanted it shot on film. He was very disappointed when it was shot on video. I think it came down to budgeting. Video was much cheaper to shoot on than film. It's a huge shame as it would have looked stunning on film. I'd happily see it remade for that reason.

I cannot wait until we get to the beast at the end of the show.

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