Batman: Arkham Knight


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You can but I think the studio might just want to wrap up the current series and reboot it. The thing is, narratively, there's only so much farther they can go. You do too many sequels, you eventually hit the point of them becoming meaningless and, more importantly for the publisher, less cost effective.

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They're pretty clearly telling a story here, too. The Joker is dead, they hinted at what Scarecrow was planning in Arkham City. Azrael said that Batman's greatest test was coming. From a narrative perspective, I think they're ready to end this series, which is wise, because as Arkham Origins showed; this series isn't bulletproof.

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Rocksteady has said before that they plan to honor Joker's death in City; I don't anticipate them bringing him back, at least not fully. They've also said that this game is going to have an "end" of sorts, and that it's the reason they felt the need to keep the M rating they were given. I'm guessing more characters will die.

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