Round 1: Dennis Nedry v Jim


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Who: Dennis Nedry

Actor: Wayne Knight

Movie: Jurassic Park

Douche move(s): Sells corporate secrets, and sabotages a dinosaur theme park.

Who: Jim

Actor: Anthony Michael Hall

Movie: Edward Scissorhands

Douche move(s): Frames Edward for a robbery, drives drunk, hits Kim, and attempts to murder Edward.

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Jim actively tried to kill Edward and assaulted his ex-girlfriend, whilst nearly hitting her brother with a van whilst drunk-driving.

I know I namechecked Nedry in my email for FBOW 42, but he's much more of a douche for whom the consequences of his actions were very much unintentional.

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I'm with Will on this. Even though Jim is an ass and potentially a murderer, Nedry knew that he was responsible for the lives of everyone on and then later off the island. He subjects children to being eaten by genetically engineered monsters and he laughs. Douche.

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