Runner-up Round: Col. Nathan R. Jessup v Robbie Gould


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Who: Col. Nathan R. Jessup

Actor: Jack Nicholson

Movie: A Few Good Men

Douche move(s): Had a soldier under his command killed, falsified documents, reveled in his power, and sexually harassed another officer.

Who: Robbie Gould

Actor: Max Cantor

Movie: Dirty Dancing

Douche move(s): Cheats on his girlfriend, gets someone pregnant, and ignores those responsibilities with relish.

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As before, what is similar between these two?

Power over their respective fields (although Jessup clearly more)

Sexual harassment (to which end Robbie gets someone pregnant)

Refusal to uphold values attributed to their roles

Clear opinion of 'us and them'

The latter similarity is my main point. Jessup believes that he is vastly superior to all and thus he can do whatever he wants. Robbie believes that he is of a higher class and therefore he deserves his place and backing of wealthy couples.

Again this comes down to potential douchery. At the end of 'A Few Good Men' Jessup is arrested - he has learned little and been caught. Robbie Gould has a cheque ripped up - he has learned little and got away with a lot. Assuming that Robbie continues to rise through the ranks using his connections he has the potential to become as powerful, manipulative and all-together dangerous as Jessup, and even more so if he continues down a medical route.

How many horrible, unethical clinical trials could he run on 'lesser people'? How many people could he ignore in favour of 'worthwhile' people? How much more horrible, non-ethnic dancing could he inflict on the world?!

Robbie Gould is a monster. Stop him, before it's too late!!

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As much as I hate to defend him, Robbie acted like exactly what he was: a self-entitled teenage boy. He's wrong at every turn and deserves a fist in the teeth, but he's no Col. Jessup when it comes to the lives he's hurt / ruined.

In fact, let me quote my wife here:

Why I loathe Colonel Jessup Part I:

1. Sexual harassment of Demi Moore (or rather, a ranked military official) in a professional setting; cannot debase another officer other than to pull personal information (i.e, her gender) into his rhetoric to shame her, thereby lowering her professional status. He does this so that he, who is already a higher rank than she, can feel even loftier.


Jessup [...] lied to a country that trusted him to be noble.


Robbie will inevitably get his ass kicked at college not only by the real boys there, but because the feminist revolution is about to start, he's in for some good learnin'.

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I stand by what I said in the previous poll: He took an oath to defend and protect. The ripples of this man's sinister manipulation would be felt throughout the country. Stuckey was truly a douche but affected one woman and one man. Jessup's pride got someone killed and forever altered the lives of every young man under his leadership. Plus, Jessup had to have worked his way up to get where he is. By demonstrating blatant disregard for his soldiers he forgot his roots. That hurts even more.

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