15th Dragonball Z Movie coming May 2015


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Seems like ever since DB Kai (or even earlier with "Son Goku and his friends Return!") Dragon Ball has had a major resurgence in popularity due to more produced content, and more produced content due to a major resurgence in popularity. Because AT himself is involved, I'm down.

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I used to hate GT, but now I appreciate that they were trying to go in a different direction. Dragonball was a parody of Kung fu movies, Z was a action adventure and GT tried to be a space opera.

But then again I am talking about seeing the original Japanese version and not the dubbed ones. Ugh! could they make the voices of Pan and Gillu more anoying?

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I'm down for it, but I've heard virtually everyone groaning.

Closest I can surmise, it's because they're bringing back an old villain that is, technically, weak as hell compared to everyone since then. Closest comparison I can think of: In the Sailor Moon fan community, there's a common trope in fanfics where they bring back the villain Jadeite. The main reason is because he technically didn't get killed back in Season 1. These fanfics are often set post-series and fail to account for how weak he is compared to, say, the girl who's job is to end worlds. At this point, I'm pretty sure Krillian could beat Frieza in a fair fight. So, they either have to give him a massive power boost or the movie will be literally five minutes long.

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