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The Cure for the Common Podcast makes its way to Texas for the 1997 Royal Rumble. Marvel at the neon cacti of Denim and Diamonds on Shotgun, be wowed by Stone Cold Steve Austin's amazing performance during the Royal Rumble match, and be shocked at just how quickly they set up February's In Your House PPV on Raw. [ 3:17:20 || 95.0 MB ]

To listen, click here:

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A while back, they released a DVD box set of all the Rumbles. When I was living on a farm with no internet at the time, I'd mainline just the Rumble matches all in a row, and the 95-99 group just felt like a chore to get through. The 97 Rumble in particular stood out so much because the company was clearly in such dire financial shape, and the roster was so thin that they had to bring in AAA guys and have others pull double duty just to round out the 30. That said, the match overperformed, mainly due to Austin. I adore pre-injury Austin as much as I hate post-injury Austin, who is probably my least favorite main eventer ever.

On the topic of guys with an entourage, the best I can think of is Justin Credible. At one point he had Jason, Nicole Bass, Chastity, and a few other misfits tagging along, which instantly made him feel important. I always thought that would have been a perfect way to present Orton, just have a couple chicks and a lackey or two to follow him around.

As for Sunny, if a shoot interview is to be believed, she was apparently fooling around with Bulldog at the time.

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