Episode 12: Uma Thurman


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It's four for the price of three as Hey, an Actor ends its 12-month run of looking exclusively at actors by focusing on Quentin Tarantino muse Uma Thurman. Ian puts forward subtle crime comedy Mad Dog and Glory, and Pandy goes with popular forum choice Gattaca. However, the main event sees The Brothers Wilson take on both volumes of Kill Bill, and it's very much brother versus brother as Pandy loves Kill Bill while Ian has a few major criticisms, which threatens to spoil a family Christmas. But fear not, as the exuded merriment includes words that rhyme with "Uma," and a frankly masterful song parody on Pandy's behalf that Guardians of the Galaxy fans will appreciate. [ 2:36:38 || 66.2 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/heyanactor/episodes/heyanactor_012.mp3

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Ian, while I agree with your point that it's disappointing Beatrix doesn't kill Budd, let's not forget Elle used a black mamba to dispatch him. Seeing as how Black Mamba was the codename Beatrix worked under, one could make a case that a Black Mamba (in one form or another) killed at least five of six targets.

I say "at least" because, of course, Elle's fate is unknown. And that's another point I agree with: why go through all the trouble of killing these badasses only to leave one to the fate of a snake? Along those lines, my version of Kill Bill Volume 3 has a blind, bitter Elle training Nikki Green in the deadly arts so both women can get their revenge on Beatrix. This way Elle has to take on the Pai Mei role, while Nikki is the revenge-seeking (but also brainwashed) pupil.

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MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! B.B. vs Nikki would be bloody brilliant.

Something that came to me after we finished recording: Beatrix vs Elle became even more revenge-worth as not only was Elle part of Team Wedding Crash, she also killed Pei Mei - mainly because he snatched her eye out because of her prideful sass that Bill had warned Bea about. Therefore snatching out the other one was a neat way to show Bea finishing the job that the flippy-'stached dude with the stick had started, thus achieving both revenge for her master and to point out that she was, like him, the superior warrior.

By this point she had achieved much in the way of bloody satisfaction (Crazy 88 kill count nearly killed my 'pause' button) so this, in many ways, was a more refined, cruel form of revenge.

Also: Budd died by Bea's sword. Indirectly, yes, but I love the idea that just having it brought him death.

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"Essentially a simpleton" might well go on my sig somewhere, thanks for that.

I fall on both sides re part 2. It's not as good as part one but that's not due to a lack of proper revenge, it's mainly because the first film was the sizzle and the second the steak, and Tarantino is a master of sizzle first and foremost.

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