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What may be the biggest week of the year sees a legend win the Intercontinental Title for the first time, Shawn Michaels losing his smile, a last second PPV card shakeup, multiple title changes, an overlooked classic PPV main event, and the start to the build to Wrestlemania. Join Kellen and Tom as they cover Thursday Raw Thursday Live!, In Your House: Final Four, and Monday Night Raw. [ 3:09:45 || 90.8 MB ]

To listen, click here:

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I shall miss Ahmed Johnson when he goes. Not for anything he does but for the involuntary sigh of resignation that Stavros makes whenever his name is mentioned.

I did manage to watch the first Rocky/HHH match. Having not watched wrestling during this era it's very strange to watch 2 men who I know are amazing preformes working gimmicks that they will both evolve beyond. While seeing the Rock as a please everybody babyface is just wrong I think for me the biggest difference was HHH. The whole bowing thing and upper class arrogance is very removed from his later more cocky persona.

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Whilst it might not seem like it sometimes I really do value Ahmed. He is notable artefact of the era, a unique promo, an interesting worker and an amazing dresser, cheeks notwithstanding. The prospect of Ahmed and his one man feud with the nation always exasperates me but if they ever match him up with other people regularly I'll probably enjoy it.

BTW, by interesting worker I don't mean he's good, I mean that I'd rather watch Ahmed Johnson try and fail than watch Crush or Savio succeed. He's a lot like Sid in that for me, I will pop more for Sid doing a sunset flip so awkward it might as well be amateur claymation than I have for every high flying AAA match we've seen in this show so far.

HHH is on the right path at this point, there's work to do but I think Chyna is the start of him stepping beyond that posh persona. At least he's not talking like The Big Brain from Futurama like he was in 96.

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For the record, Shawn Michaels WWF/WWE title history:

10/30/90 Rockers defeat Hart Foundation, title change never airs and never recognized

10/27/92 Defeats Davey Boy Smith for IC title. Loses to Marty Jannetty on 5/17/93

6/6/93 Defeats Jannetty for second IC reign, Diesel debuts as his bodyguard same night. Stripped in September ( Title History just says he left, it could be addictions related).

8/28/94 Wins tag belt with Diesel. Titles are stripped on 11/23/94 when Diesel turns babyface and team splits

7/23/95 Defeats Jeff Jarrett for third IC reign. Forfeits it on 10/22/95 after infamous bar assault.

9/24/95 Wins tag strap with Diesel, solely for one night that The Kliq owns all the gold (Michaels IC and Diesel heavyweight). Reversed next night due to wrong man being pinned.

3/31/96 The boyhood dream has come true! Defeats Bret Hart, loses to Sid on 11/17.

1/19/97 Defeats Sid for his second WWF title reign, loses smile on 2/13/97

5/26/97 Wins tag strap with Austin, gets stripped when Michaels briefly quits promotion, Austin kept his part, and would wind up with Dude Love as partner on 7/14/97

9/20/97 Wins Euro title from Davey Boy Smith, drops it on 12/11/97 in a "lay down" spot to Triple H. Obviously this was kayfabe, but goes to the "didn't really lose it in the ring" side of ledger.

11/9/97 Defeats Bret in Montreal Screwjob. Despite searing back pain and rumors that he wouldn't, does the honors to Austin on 3/29/98.

11/17/02 Wins World Title in first Elimination Chamber match. Drops it to Triple H on 12/15/02. Final singles title of career.

1/29/07 With John Cena defeats Team Rated RKO for tag belts. Two end up WrestleMania opponents for Cena's heavyweight title, they hold the straps until 4/2/07 when Michaels deliberately eliminated himself from a tag team battle royal for the belts. Obviously this was kayfabe, but goes to the "didn't really lose it in the ring" side of ledger.

12/13/09 D-X defeats JeriShow for tag titles, lose straps to ShowMiz on 2/8/10 when Miz pins Michaels (as he was arguing with Triple H).

Looking at the numbers:

6 Tag Titles, officially 5, 1 dropped in the ring

3 WWF Titles, 2 dropped in the ring

3 IC Titles, 1 dropped in the ring

1 World Title, 1 dropped in the ring

1 Euro Title

14 times Michaels had possession of a title, and only 5 times lost it in a "legit" (as legit as a pre-scripted sport can be of course) fashion in a match.

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