Episode 16


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Since the last time Dan and Mike recorded, two Star Trek luminaries passed on: the incomparable Leonard Nimoy and visionary producer Harve Bennett. Join the hosts as they pay their respects to these men, then cover two more episodes from the franchise they made the legacy it is today. Those episodes are "The Changeling" (in which Kirk must thwart another super computer) and "Mirror, Mirror" (which sees four members of the crew transported to an alternate reality). [ 1:01:26 || 29.9 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/theedgeofforever/episodes/theedgeofforever_016.mp3

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Re- the episode title for The Changeling- I seem to remember that Kirk references the old fairytale idea of a Changeling being a fairy that disguises itself as a human child and is brought up by parents cuckoo-style, but quite how that relates to Nomad and the episode has always alluded me.

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Eagle eyed Trek fans (BTW, where do you guys stand on the whole Trekkie, Trekker, whatever debate?) will notice there is one Classic Era scene in Deep Space Nine's Trial and Tribbulations episode that was not from The Trouble With Tribbles, and it is the final scene from Mirror, Mirror (a bit of irony considering DS9 was the show that picked up the thread of the Mirror Universe and carried it for a few episodes during its run) where Ben Sisko interacts with Kirk.

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