Episode 51: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny


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To cap off another year of astonishing cinema, James and Damien tackle Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. Try not to go cross-eyed as you listen to two guys talk about a movie that's about two guys watching another guy tell a bunch of kids about a lady that's telling another lady a story about a tiny lady. Seriously. [ 1:55:36 || 59.7 MB ]

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Doing some brief Google-fu leads to vague speculation that the bunny must have been a "popular" Pirate's World concession stand mascot, akin to the characters at Disney parks and Six Flag's arrangement with Loony Tunes characters.  Nothing concrete (ummmm...ice cream style pun not intended there) comes up from a brief Google search though.  

I'd imagine further research would be going down...ummm again no pun intended...rabbit holes of nostalgic forums focusing on Florida based amusement theme parks in the 1960s and 1970s.  But as much entertainment as that could provide, it would be a bit too much for the sake of this bit! 

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Weird little fact I just discovered: The Thumbellina sequence was directed by a man named Barry Mahon who, like Dubs had mentioned, went on to direct porn.

Now, prior to that, he had been a member of the Royal Air Force in World War II. He ended up becoming a POW who was held captive at Stalag Luft III. He would help lead an escape before being recaptured and taken back to the camp. If any of that sounds familiar, it's because the Steve MeQueen character from The Great Escape is based off the guy who's responsible for the bulk of this movie.

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So, I'm working on a project for The Show right now. Not going into too many details but as I'm searching Christmas specials on YouTube, I come across this one called, "Santa and The Three Bears." I vaguely recall it from my childhood so I go to add it to my Christmas Playlist which requires opening the video. I then see this in the first few seconds.


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