Episode 39: Dame Julie Andrews


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It's Dame O'Clock once again, as Hey, an Actor! profiles another English rose in the form of Dame Julie Andrews. With Ian overusing the phrase "one-two punch" and Pandy constantly forgetting the names of actresses the podcast has previously featured, The Brothers Wilson again review three films from their subject's repertoire. The hit 1979 comedy 10 improbably features both Flash Gordon and Will Ackerman, whilst The Princess Diaries paves the way for a future Anne Hathaway episode. And, as expected, the Mary Poppins review devotes an entire 10 minutes to David Tomlinson's finest hour, in addition to cockney accents, Poochie and Brian "Road Dogg" Anderson. All this, plus Pandy's efforts at a 1979 movie quiz, and Ian's video-plus confessions. [ 2:46:04 || 80.1 MB ]

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In the middle of listening, just gonna point out that Mandy Moore is currently starring in the unbelievably successful TV series "This is Us", married to Milo Ventimiglia. 

Ah yes, that guy!

.....*googles Milo Venti-thingamy*....

Well, that's an impressive filmography, none of which I have ever seen! Although my filmic black-spots are so large, I could just as easily be talking about Diane Keaton...

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