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We have come to one of the greatest subtitled major Pay-Per-Views of all time: Summerslam: Hart & Soul. Come for the continued dominance of Los Boricuas in the Gang Warz, stay for the supremely performed final minutes of the Bret Hart v Undertaker, then get kind of awkward as we go over the terrible aftermath of the Owen Hart v Steve Austin Intercontinental Championship clash. [ 4:16:17 || 119.8 MB ]


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Apologies that I could not be more helpful re: gang structures. No wonder I never win when I'm on gameshows!

I think Summerslam 1997 is an important milestone given what it led to - it's a massive shame for Austin but given that if he'd never been injured, we'd not have had the same calendar year of 2000 WWF programming, I wouldn’t go back in time & change it. And the finish of the main event is just perfect.

From here on in though, Michaels is going to be (even more) unbearable. And I can say that here as we're not on The Oratory. 

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I shudder to think what could happen to him, and the title picture, if what happens in January to Shawn doesn’t.  

Hell, he was still falling towards personal rock bottom at certain points in his first “in ring retirement.” To the point where Triple H was telling him to shape up or no more of the occassional appearances and roles he’d have over the course of those 5 years.

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