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Saw 8 was an amazing theater experience. Everyone was laughing in derision. On opening night. Probably 30 people in the theater, laughing at how bad it was. 

It may be interesting to see where Rock takes it. They’ve written themselves into so many corners that a reboot is the only way to continue it without it getting even worse.

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  • 8 months later...

I've not seen a Saw film, but I think the casting of Rock and Jackson as leads in a serious horror film is supremely inspired. IDK if Rock can wholly pull off a role like this, not that he's never done serious acting but his voice doesn't fall in easily with gritty dialogue. But the visuals of him and Jackson being the leads in this kind of film really interests me. Seriously, as Jordan Peele has proven, the one surefire way to get me into seeing a horror film is just to have black leads.

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