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This looks kinda okay. As Lee Medcalf put it on the Black Dog Facebook page, this has an Iron Giant vibe, which is a huge plus. It's also directed by the guy who did Kubo and the Two Strings, which is another bonus. Add in classic VW Bumblebee, and classic



and this just might get my money.

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Totally agree. The 2007 movie was the only one of this line that I've seen in the theater; it was clunky, visually confusing, and not very fun. And that right there turned me off of the other movies. However, director Travis Knight earned a lot of goodwill with Kubo and the Two Strings. He's the main reason I might give this one a chance.

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I'm drunk right now but...

I've felt this level of excitement before. Going into the first Transformers, I was kind of high on all of the bullshit. By the last one, I knew I was going to see the steaming sack, it was just a matter of when. At this point, I like the trailer but, until actual trailers come in, I can't let my own black, cynical heat, get excited.

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9 hours ago, The Master said:

Absolutely. But I'm also hoping an Oscar-nominated actor adds weight to the movie.

I dunno, man, John Tuturro, John Goodman, John Malkovich, Anthony Hopkins and Frances GODDAMNED McDormand couldn’t save the previous movies. 

Joking aside, I don’t hate this trailer. And I always turn up for Villian Cena. 

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Two thoughts.

1. This looks like an apology to people who grew up with Transformers for the previous movies.

2. Are you telling me that Bumblebee had been on Planet Earth for twenty years prior to the first Transformers movie and did not make a single effort to find the Witwicky family and get the glasses? (Sam would technically not have been born.)

Maybe @D.W. or @James D. can rant about that because I am just dumbfounded.

Sentinel Prime is on the moon. The Fallen is in his Roundhouse chair. Megatron is still frozen. Bumblebee gets the map, finds the AllSpark, wins the war, and five Transformers movies never happen!

No Movie!!

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