Episode 1047


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Today you are in for an absolute treat, as Dan and Mike are here to discuss not one but two Fantastic Four movies. Which ones you ask? The unreleased 1994 version (AKA Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four) and the big-budget 2005 version starring Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, and Ioan Gruffudd. [ 1:38:10 || 49.2 MB ]


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Man there were a lot of things the 2005 movie got right that people sleep on, weren't there? I mean, Chris Evans is amazing. His reaction when Reed explains that they have powers might be the best film reaction to a character knowing they're life has just changed forever ever.

My favorite bit of product placement in a way is Lloyd Banks' "Fire" song playing when everyone is cheering Human Torch. It's such a song of that era and fits Johnny's personality perfectly, but in the scene even he can't believe his life at that moment. It's awesome.

Yeah, Reed and Sue were not as great as Johnny and Ben and Doom was bad, but the tone of the film is pretty solid and you just know Tim Story gave a shit about these characters.

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I liked the movie back in the day. Haven't seen it in a long time.

I like how Doom's origin was tied to the FF's origin, like in the Ultimate Comics book.

I also re-watched Rise of the Silver Surfer a year or two ago, and it wasn't as bad as people say. I actually like it.

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