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If there was something about this earlier I missed it. Anyway, this site is fifteen years old. That's amazing. Next month (April 28) will be 15 years since I joined, via a link from The Oratory. I recognized a lot of names from there in those early days.

Thanks for providing this site. Your podcasts have provided endless hours of entertainment. Thanks @The Master and everyone else who works on this site.


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I found WFP the second semester of my first year in college, which led me to the '89 and '66 Batman movie reviews, which led me to the then-current episode of "For Your Ears Only" with Ian and Adham discussing Diamonds Are Forever. That led me to the Show, and a couple of years later I got into Bigger on the Inside, which I thought at first after hearing Mike on WFP was some lewd sexual reference and not a catchphrase from Doctor Who.

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I discovered the site in my freshman year of high school through Animezing Podcast, which led me to BotI and WFP, which led me to The Show. Funnily enough, I have fairly vivid memories of when the very first audio Tirades hit, back in 2010, which is like. God fucking damn, we're all fuckin old.

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