Episode #7

Ben Weldon

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Was it too long? Never did I dream we could talk about cartoons for two hours. (In hindsight, however, we easily could have gone longer. But Jen was tired, so we had to wrap it up.)

And yeah, I have to grab those Gargoyles DVDs I keep raving about.

Mabe a bit but I enjoyed it (well apart from the bit when Bill O'Reilly phoned in :P)

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Anyway, very enjoyable show. Like I say so often, I like them when they're longer. I loved reminiscing with you both as you named off cartoon after cartoon.

I really, really wish we could have gotten to the cartoon-related action figures and said more about the 'toons we never got into, but the show would have went another two hours. Of that I'm sure.

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Actually, I did respond to your voicemail... but then I edited that portion out because we were already running way too long. Look for it to appear in episode eight.

And we will cover action figures, eventually.

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KScriv, get a download manager, I reccomend Download Express, it will let you pause and resume downloads. Just run it in the background whenever you're browsing, and eventually the files will finish.

Because my computer is hooked up to the main phone line at home and can't use it on the Internet prior to 11pm, it's what I do. I've had it downloading this episode for the past couple of nights, and I should finish tonight, barring any unforseen events.

So, I should be able to give some feedback sometime on Friday.

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Well, here's your feedback (on Friday, as promised):

I didn't think it was too long at all actually. I thought some of the previous ones went long because there was a lot of dead air and stuff that just seemed like unnecessary filler in some of them. This one was just nonstop, so even though it was 2 hours long, it didn't really feel like it all.

As for the age thing, I remember watching Garfield and Friends after school as a kid, I don't remember exactly when it come on, but it was definitely syndicated on some level.

No mention of David the Gnome makes me a sad panda. That show got me through so many sick days I honestly don't know what I would have done had that not been on. Such a great cartoon.

This episode made me curious about the GI Joe DVDs, as I remember watching some episodes of the show, renting the movies from Blockbuster, and as a male child I had the recquisite batallion of action figures, jeeps, planes, and boats. And they're freakin' expensive! Season 1 Volume 1 was like $65.00 from Amazon, and though it had like 24 episodes on it, that's ridiculous for a 30 minute cartoon show that was made 20 years ago, especially considering most new 30 minute full season DVDs are like $30, sometimes even cheaper.


I thought you and Jenny might enjoy this:

Today's Penny Arcade

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