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I got burnt out drawing dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals so I took a page out of Molly's book and am endeavoring to draw every Pokemon in the Pokedex (just Gen I for now, but possibly more once I finish them). I'm aiming to depict then more like real animals than anthropomorphized mosnters (except maybe the more human-looking ones), yet not to the extent that they stop looking like Pokemon (with apologies to the brilliant RJ Palmer). Enjoy!


001) Bulbasaur.jpeg

002) Ivysaur.jpeg

003) Venusaur.jpeg

018) Pidgeot.jpeg

134-136) Kanto Eeveelutions.jpeg

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Got burnt out devising full-landscape drawings for Gen I (not helped, admittedly, by Kanto's fairly bland geography). Plus, I was eager to depict the key characters of Gen I and to get on to future gens, so I put away my previous sketchbook and drew all 151 original Pokemon and 24 key Kanto characters drawn to scale on 18 x 24 sheets (1 in = 1 ft). For elongate Pokemon like Weedle and Onix, I interpreted their official height as "length" and the character heights are guesses on my part. I should also note that I only depicted sexual dimorphism in Pokemon in cases where it was exceptionally obvious (rather than those where slightly longer fangs indicate males or slightly longer hair indicates females) and that the character models are based different versions of them across the original Gen I games, their Gen III and Gen VII remakes, and the anime, rather than all adhering to one version of Gen I or Kanto. (I realized later that I forgot Bill, but hopefully no one misses him too much.)

Here are the first 51 Pokemon across four sheets (of fourteen total), along with some of the key characters, depicted next to or with their most consistent or appropriate ace. I'm hoping to post to the next five sheets on Wednesday and the last five on Friday or over the weekend.

Anyway, enjoy! @Missy@Pan-dub@Molly@dc20willsave@Donomark@slothian@KnightWing











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16 hours ago, Donomark said:

Very nice! What particularly strikes me is the coloring. Do you feel comfortable moving on to pen and inks, employing harsher colors just yet? Because right now they're really popping.

Not yet but maybe I'll use inks when I get to the Johto/Gen II ones. May need some more practice elsewhere first though.

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Started this batch in July and hoped to have it done by the end of the year. Not quite there yet (mainly since I still have the legendaries and two key post-game characters to finish), but I'm mostly done nonetheless.

As with the Kanto/Gen I drawings, these Johto/Gen II ones are on 18" x 24" sheets with the relevant Pokemon and key characters drawn to scale (1 in = 1 ft). "Baby" Pokemon with evolved forms first introduced in Kanto (like Pichu and Cleffa) have their immediate evolved forms silhouetted in color behind them. Meanwhile, those that are evolved forms of Kantonian Pokemon (like Crobat and Steelix) have their previous forms in black and white (or more accurately gray) pencil behind them. Because most the gym leaders and Elite Four members of Johto have aces from Kanto, I positioned the ones guilt of that next to what I thought would be suitable Johtonian alternatives for them (ex. Falkner w/Hoothoot, Bugsy w/Spinarak, etc).

Here then are the first four (our of eleven) sheets, featuring the starters, the protagonists, the professor, and the rival, along with @Koete's favorite Pokemon and @dc20willsave's Johtonian namesake!








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On 12/28/2023 at 4:14 PM, Missy said:



On 12/28/2023 at 7:08 PM, dc20willsave said:

The Elite Four member named Will is, of course, incredibly gay. I approve.

Good! 😄

Here's the next batch, featuring more Kanto evolutions and "baby" forms, the rest of the Johto's gym leaders and Elite Four, and the Rocket Execs!

Hoping to finish the remaining characters and Pokemon in the next week or so.





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