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If you keep reading this thread you will be spoiled. Not by me, but I'm sure someone will.

My favorite twist in a movie has to be The Usual Suspects. I figured it about 30 seconds before they showed it, and I still couldn't belive it.

My second would have been the 6th Sense but someone gave it away before I saw the movie.

The Others had a great twist, but it was a crappy movie.

The Skeleton Key had a crappy twist, in a crappy movie.

Someone gave away The Village to me and I refused to see it, and still haven't.

Since I have named the usual suspects :doh: , what are your favorites not listed here? Maybe you can get us to watch some movies we haven't seen yet. If you are going to give away the twist, please let us know ahead of time.

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Superman. I mean, who knew Clark Kent was really Superman?

Okay, all kidding aside, I'd like to say The Usual Suspects, Fight Club or Psycho, but those were blown for me. I figured out The Sixth Sense from the commercials, so that one's out too. Hmm...

AH! I got one! 12 Monkeys. My jaw dropped when the movie all came together, and it was revealed that Cole witnessed his own murder as a child.

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Yeah gotta admit Usual Suspects was amazing. I guess I've seen it so many times, that I've forgotten how great the twist was.

Yoda, I'm with you on both Fight Club and 12 Monkeys, although I doubt many people will agree with you on 12 Monkeys. I have it on DVD and not many people rate it, I just don't think they 'get it'. Probably 2 of my favourite Brad Pitt performances in those 2 movies also.

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Psycho's definitely up there, and I was probably one of the very few people to not have known beforehand that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father when the original Star Wars trilogy was re-released into theaters. Seeing The Empire Strikes for the very first time with a bunch of screaming fans is still my greatest theater experience. :)

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Finding out that Charlie Kane's last word was referring to the childhood that he never really knew.

The Sixth Sense was done so well, because my immediate thought was that Willis was dead, but they managed to convince me that he was interacting with others. It was the scene with the kids mother that convinced me somehow.

Fight Club was superb. Once they started laying it thick, it was obvious, but there were some great moments.

Usual Suspects - just wow. They did it in such a way that you realised what the twist was just before it was revealed. Absolutely jaw dropping.

Dark City - Ahhh, THAT'S why it's always dark.

Unbreakable - I liked it... I've been a comic book fan since I was a kid, and it was the first comic book movie that felt right to me. Gave me hope for later movies.

Razor Blade Smile - When Vampires get bored, they play elaborate games...with humans as the pieces.

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