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Of all the Vertigo titles on the go at the moment, I'd have to say that Y-The last man is probably the one most deserving of it's MR tag. If you don't read YTLM, it's a simple concept - all the men on earth have died except one guy and his monkey. The latest storyline, 'Safeword' has dealt with S&M in a very well done way. Unlike Garth Ennis overly humourising the element, he actually tied it into a storyline which has advanced the plot in a surprising way, while at the same time being faithful to Dom/sub scenario without making it seem too over the top - althoughthe last page of the first issue was something of a shock.

Do you like the series? What are your thoughts on it?

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I'm shocked that's still up on DC's website!

Once that series is over I'm going to buy all of the trades, so I can read them all at once.

You know, I have a friend who watched the Lost DVDs in a couple of weeks and said he couldn't imagine waiting week to week for it. I likened it to waiting month to month for Y The Last Man. I've been doing it since the beginning and it is the single most consistent comic book run I have ever had the pleasure of reading from the beginning. That includes Preacher.

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