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The official website for Spike TV's Afro Samurai, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, has launched with the new trailer, which was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The five episode series is the tale of a black samurai in futuristic, yet feudal Japan who is on a mission to avenge the wrongful death of his father. "Afro" is a warrior who travels a solitary path encountering a myriad of enemies, friends and challenges beyond imagination.

The series, produced in Japanese animation, blends samurai style with hip-hop, creating a kind of action that American audiences have never seen before.

Afro Samurai is a creative collaboration between Jackson, Takashi Okazaki and Japanese animation company Gonzo, a division of GDH, who is also acting as series producer. The concept of Afro Samurai was created by graphic designer, illustrator and artist Takashi "Bob" Okazaki (Spider-Man, Blade: Trinity).

Samuel L. Jackson in anime. You know you want to see it. Go see the trailer.

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To be fair, anime has already seen samurai blending with hip hop (Samurai Champloo), but with Samuel L. Jackson at the helm I'm sure this will be awesome. They better not make him untalkative though, Samuel is best when he's cussing the fuck out of everyone.

He was on a talk show recently(Conan I think), and they showed a clip from Afro Samurai. They had to bleep out most of what he said, so yeah, that answers that.

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