Otaku Choices: The Game

Kenji Sumachi

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Since not much has happened in this section, I thought I would introduce a little game that I played in another board called Choices.

Here's the rules:

- there are two choices (person (people, places, or things) to choose from.

- you cannot say both or none

- after picking your choice, you must explain why you picked it

- after all of that is done, you must continue the game by thinking of new choices

- since we are playing it on here, it has to have the theme of anime or manga.

Let's start:

Spike (Cowboy Bebop) or Vash (Trigun)

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He isn't beyond human like Vash is which makes him more relatable. Also, he isn't bipolar like Vash is going from stupid-giddy to uber-serious. Both have the really cool, smooth skills and poise but Spike doesn't get anything taken away because of the above about Vash.


Babbo (MaR) or Tetsusaiga (Inuyasha)

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Tough to say, though. Both are weapons that others covet and try to steal. I suppose I chose the Tetsusaiga because even though it has its problems, all of these problems are things that Inuyasha could fix if he would just calm the fuck down and focus. Babbo is far too egotistical and arrogant for me to choose it/him, although I will grant it that he/it is a very creative weapon.

More psychotic anime:

FLCL or Super Milk Chan

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(Gungrave ftw!)

Gotta go with Bear Walken. He trained Brandon Heat and taught him everything he knew about firing a gun. And lookie, lookie, Brandon becomes the world's greatest sweeper. I think he is also much more intimidating to Harry than he (Harry) would ever admit. That's why he stayed in the inner circle even after Big Daddy was shot by Harry, despite the fact that Harry and his cadre offed most of the old inner circle members for questioning him. (That, and Sherry.) Bunji was the closest thing to an equal to Beyond the Grave, but Grave still killed him. And Bunji, after he took over the True Grave unit following Heat's death, just scared off rest of that unit going back to working alone. While that is logical in theory, it still makes him too much of a wild card. So yeah, Walken. But no disrespect to Kugashira.


Hellsing, Millenium, or Iscariot?

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Iscariot is the superior organization.

A. It's the oldest. Something to be said for staying power.

B. It's members will die without hesitation to achieve its goals.

C. Alexander Anderson is pretty much Alucard's equal, if not his superior, one on one. Presumably he acquired this ability because of Iscariot technological development.

D. The Hellsing Organization has had multiple instances of high-ranking treachery, Iscariot's biggest organizational trouble is just that their leader got a little over zealous.

E. Even more disturbing is that Hellsing is actually using Alucard, which must be seen as a desperation move. They employ what they claim to exist to destroy. Conflict of interest anyone?

E. Millenium had to go into hiding for over 50 years because they couldn't get the job done the first time.

Dragonball Anti-Hero:

Piccolo or Vegeta

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- destroyed planets

- Prince of Saiyans

- Would stop anyone from killing Goku (because he wants to do that)

- Wouldn't want to follow order unless he needs to

If you were a student, Which teacher would you want to teach you and your class?

Miyamoto Rebecca (Pani Poni Dash) or Suzuki Mika (Doki Doki School Hours)

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