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How is Hellsing Ultimate a "short series"? That series will probably end up at 30+ DVD's before all is said and done. And how could they leave Hilary Haag off the Best Actress list, but remember her on Best Actress in a Comedy?

Other than those two minor things, not bad. Just put my ballot in.

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Isn't each volume of Hellsing Ultimate based on a single volume of the manga?

God, I hope not. 50 minutes was fine for Volume 1, and maybe it will be for the OVA version of Volume 2 (even then, I worry), but from then on, you absolutely CANNOT give those manga translations only 50 minutes per corresponding manga volume. If that's the case, there will be massive chunks of the manga gone, along with a ton of great characters. And I swear, if the other priests from Iscariot and other awesome characters like The Dandy are left out of the OVA, I'm going to maim something.

In Volume 2, you get the Valentine Brothers attack on Hellsing, of course; but that is only the first half of that volume. After that, you find out who is behind the artificial vampires. (I won't say who, of course.) But if they leave that second half out of the OVA, the whole thing is royally screwed.

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