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  1. Superhuman Samurai Cybersquad maybe?
  2. Are any of the DC absolute edition books worth purchasing?
  3. The only one I can think of right now is Elfen Lied. I don't know if that helps at all?
  4. My favorite moment was from the justice league unlimited finale. It was the scene where Superman and Darksied are about to fight and superman gives him the speech on how he has always had to hold back his power incase he were to ever hurt anybody. He then tells him that he is not going to hold back and cleans his clock with one awesome punch( A punch that shatters buildings around him from the impact no less).
  5. This movie just looks plain awful. If the trailer sucked that bad I can't begin to imagine how terrible the movie will be.
  6. Halo 3, Devil May Cry 4, Mass Effect, Heavenly Sword, SSBB
  7. I just bought Hellsing ultimate 2 today.I then found out that there is a special edition. Does anyone know what the difference is?
  8. I'm sorry for your loss Dread. I hope you are able to grieve and remember all the good times you had with her.
  9. They have already made this game it's called The Sims :devil:
  10. My favorite writers right now are the same as yours stavros(seriously, but in all fairness they are pretty popular writers) as well as the books you selected, So I don't want to echo the same picks. I would also add Joss Whedon and his amazing run on asthonishing x-men and reccomend his new buffy season eight series.
  11. Dr Doom to the DC universe
  12. I think a Spidey / Jazz Variant would be awesome!
  13. Finally got my hands on a Wii so I'm all about Twilight Princess right now.
  14. I want to know if it all boiled down to one person who would be marvel's most powerful?
  15. So for me this list is all about the strong guys (and girls). What I should have posted was who is the most powerful individual. This could be in terms of strength(Hulk), magic(Dr. Strange), inability to die(Wolverine), or just super power(Silver Surfer).
  16. With World War Hulk coming up I have been wondering who is marvel's most powerful individual? I figured for the longest time that the Hulk was the most powerful but after reading the New Avengers the Sentry might give the green goliath a run for his money. I might be wrong in thinking the Hulk is the most powerful but I think in terms of brute strength and durability he is more powerful than guys like Thor and Hyperion who are both gods.
  17. My list for the cast: Ryu-Robin Shou Ken-Chris Evans Guile-John Cena Chun-Li-Kelly Hu Zangief-Ron Pearlman Adon-Tony Jaa Cammy-Elisha Cuthbert Akuma-Ray Park Sakura-Ziyi Zhang Vega-Chris Angel "MindFreak" Balrog-Micheal Clark Duncan M. Bison-Brendan Fraser Sagat-Vin Diesel
  18. The old ninja turtles game will also be coming to XBLA soon.
  19. Did Whedon ever make plans to turn fray into an ongoing or was it to be a one shot all along? The ending left the book wide open for an ongoing and there is more than enough fan support for it. I know he has had his hands full but this would be the one title that would make the top of my list every month if it were to be produced.
  20. I like the movie but I thought the end fight between Ghost Rider and Blackheart was over really fast and seemed too easy.
  21. I just wish the guitar was wireless it would be a nice touch for the 360 version......oh well