Symphony and Animetallica, part one


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Thanks for the feedback, gents. That video took over three months to churn out, so it's very nice to have it finished. I'm thinking I'll enter the "Master of Puppets" chapter in the AWA video track contest this year since they don't allow videos to be over 15 minutes long (for obvious reasons). And I was extremely pleased with how well that portion came out.

As for when the next one will be out, your guess is as good as mine. I need to re-rip the music to "Of Wolf and Man" to my computer because for some reason, the current file for that song on my comp has a lengthy skip in the middle of the song. But I need a new CD to do that because the one I have has been scratched to all hell since I originally ripped it a couple years ago. Then, I need to get some DVD's for the anime I have planned for "The Thing That Should Not Be" and then rip them and convert them to a usable format for my video editing program. And on top of all that, I haven't chosen an anime for "Wolf". :ohmy:

Best guess? Late May/early June....... :unsure:

EDIT: As for Metallica, I doubt they'd have a problem with me since I'm not affiliated with Napster and I'm their biggest fan EVAR. :ph34r:

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On my knees to bow to the King now. Wow, what else can I say, as someone who knows the time, work and frustration that goes into making a good AMV, or hell a dismal one (see my last for example) that was something fucking else. Take animes I've never seen (well I saw Princess Mononoke, but really didn't care) with tracks I've never heard (in like 7 years at least) from a band I adore (for the sake of argument, less than you) and produce a spectacularpiece of work there. I'm probably going to not make one for awhile now simply because I don't want it in that gigantic shadow you just created. Hyped as all hell for part 2 and if you need any help deciding an anime to fit a song, just ask man.


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