Episode 82


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Mike, you're too much of a pushover. Why the hell are you apoligizing for it not being up in time. People. It as MY (parents dial-up connection's) fault.

PS. Looking forward to the Mainpage Awards

PPS. Mike, sice I forgot to take it off my parents' comp can you send me back the chat log I sent you that I was going to post

PPPS. for the love of God, read the manga (the show works too, but they butcher the end)

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I actually liked saikano and was kind of dissappointed that it was only 13 episodes long. I wished that it was longer but I was satisfied with the ending. I am more into Mecha anime(NGE,gundam) or anime full of ass kickery(Hellsing,Trigun,Cowboy Bebop) but my girlfriend made me watch this promising that I would enjoy it. She also made me watch Elfen Lied and I thought I give it a recommendation to people who liked Saikano. Keep in mind that it is DEFINATELY not reccomended for anyone under 18 because it is one of the most violent anime's I have ever seen and also one of the saddest too.

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