The Number 23

James D.

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It was really good, but the ending grated me severly.


I'm really growing tired of "main character is the killer" as a plot twist. It's become so overused at this point, that if a movie of this genre actually ends with the main character NOT being the killer, it's a twist in and of itself.

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I kind of agree there, but I was satisfied with the ending in that it was a logical conclusion with him accepting that he was a murderer and going to prison voluntarily. Was it clichéd and underwhelming? Sure, to an extent, but at least it had closure in a Law & Order: Criminal Intent kind of way. Plus, if you remember what the wrongfully convicted man (whose name escapes me at the moment) said to Walter when they conversed through the prison gate, you kind of get the feeling that Walter's family will abandon him eventually. So, it is kind of sad in a way.

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