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Superhero films are all the rage now, and new ideas are popping up everyday. But one film, one character, has been talked about forever – and I mean forever. That would be Captain Marvel.

So who's going to play the DC Comics man of red and yellow – not The Flash? Well, it could be none other than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Today, during a visit to the set of Get Smart, Johnson was wide eyed when the very idea was brought up to re-team with director Peter Segal in the feature, Shazam!

According to Johnson himself, he's spoken to Pete about the role. "Yeah, he did. Listen, John August is writing the script and he's a tremendous writer, and I'll just wait for the script to come in. But I'd love to work with Pete again, and certainly would want to work with John August. So there's a strong possibility."

Are we going to see The Rock in tights? "Well, knowing Pete, he'd update it and make it fresh," Johnson says. "But that's his question; he's very excited about the project and talks about it passionately. Pete also understands the importance of getting that right; he's a big comic book fan."

Worst casting ever if true.

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Variety reports that Get Smart director Peter Segal and his Callahan Filmworks partner Michael Ewing have signed a three-year first-look deal with Warner Bros. Pictures.

As part of the deal, Warner Bros. has also acquired the John August-scripted Captain Marvel; Segal will direct the DC Comics adaptation. He and Ewing began working on the film two years ago at New Line, but the property has moved over to Warner Bros.

The film tells the story of teenaged Billy Batson, who transforms into the superhero when he says the word "Shazam!"

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So you've heard of this Geoff Johns guy, right? He's a premier comic book writer at DC Comics, and in the past several years has been part of revamping and revitalizing the Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, and Justice Society of America (JSA) franchises among others for the publisher.

Last year, he wrote an episode of Smallville featuring the Legion of Superheroes, another group of characters he's helped bring back to prominence in comics. This summer, he was announced as writing another episode of the "young Superman" show, this time featuring the JSA. He was also announced as Producing and Co-Writing a live-action movie for The Flash.

Now Johns' pen will strike a different kind of lightning as the co-writer for a live action "Shazam!" movie, THR reports. The movie has had several false starts since being brought to the forefront, with seven writers so far. Johns and his co-writer Billy Birch are starting fresh with the superhero known as Captain Marvel.

Birch started his Hollywood career as an actor, only recently turning to writing.

The character of Captain Marvel (who shouts "Shazam!" to transform from young boy Billy Batson into the hero) has a storied history of his own. Starting as a Superman analogue at a rival company, he eventually fell into DC's possesion, and even spawned analogues of his own.

No target release date was included in the announcement, so it is unknown whether the 2011 target is still valid.


Didn't see that coming.

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Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman have signed on as story editors/creative consultants with Warner Bros. for the DC propertis and it appears that Johns is going for the writing credits though. This was news broke in the Variety announcement of the Flash but I can't find sourcing anywhere. It's what I read.

Edit: The Rock wouuld be epic as Black Adam.

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