In the Gutters: a new forum?

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Would you guys be interested in a forum where we could download digital comic books? (Think of it as's version of Matches Galore, but with comic books instead of wrestling.)

The only reason I'm hesitant to open such a forum is because I don't know the legality of downloading comic books. For instance, I'm sure downloading Civil War #1-7 is illegal because the trade paperback is readily available at any comic shop and book store. But what about downloading Aztek #1-10? It's never been collected, and even if it has it's long out of print. With the former, Marvel would be losing money. The latter, DC isn't. So while I can see Marvel suing someone for downloading copies of CW, I can't see DC going after someone for downloading something they're no longer making money off of.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Has anyone ever been sued for downloading comic books, even ones which were out of print?

That said, the goal of the forum would be to spread the joy of comic books. Let's say I made available for download the criminally overlooked series Xero. After reading all 12 issues on your computer, my hope is that you would then buy the actual issues from a local comic shop, and / or read more comics by Christopher Priest and ChrisCross (the creators). By doing so you would be, in essence, paying for the comics you downloaded.

If this moves forward, that section would be password protected. I don't want our lurkers becoming leechers.

Lastly, what should we name the forum? I'm thinking In the Gutter (as in the space between comic panels), but I'm open to suggestions.

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Considering that so long as it isn't illegal material to begin with (which comic books, at least the ones that wil be posted here, are not) and I don't attempt to make money off of them (which I'm not) Canadian law alows me to download as much as I damn well please. Can't say I'm sure about how you guys do it down there, regardless, I support this idea...especially if you can find some Archie Sonic Comics, you would be forever in my debt for that one.

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I know in America it's legal to have digital backups of media you own, so I assume that extends to comic books. If you don't own an original, that's when it becomes illegal. But again, comic books that aren't collected (or when the collections are out of print)... is it illegal to download those?

I support this idea...especially if you can find some Archie Sonic Comics, you would be forever in my debt for that one.

Umm... if I found the Sonic comics for you, why would I be in your debt? :huh:

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James: I think this section would be perfect for people like you. Whereas I still get my comics weekly from DCBS and the LCS, In the Gutters will allow people who don't have access to comic shops and / or only have a passing interest in comics a chance to read current and back issues. Hell, after reading a few issues, you might get hooked and suddenly find yourself buying a few books every once in a while.

And as I said, that's the goal. I want the section to be a gateway; it will give comic readers a chance to test books before risking money on them, and non-readers will be able to see what they're missing.

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I actually went to my local comic book shop yesterday only to find it isn't a comic book store anymore. They've switched to a video gaming/collectible card game/anime-style store. Which is fine because they have RIDICULOUSLY cheap anime DVD's (I found a brand new GTO DVD that I have been looking for for three years for only $14.95!!!) but it still means no more back issues of comic books or anything.

Alright, I'm game. I hope you don't get in trouble with this, though. :unsure:

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I want the files to always be available. If people download without seeding afterwards, that won't happen. But if I host the files, they'll always be there and the download speed won't hinge on how many people are seeding the file.

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