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First James and Mike answer several e-mails, then they dive headfirst into a steaming pile of BTAS episodes. "Joker's Wild" numbs the brain. "Tyger, Tyger" isn't so bad... depending on who you ask. "Moon of the Wolf" is the worst episode of Batman: The Animated Series, period. Though not as good as the first part, "Day of the Samurai" is sort of okay... yet completely nonsensical. Then there's "Terror in the Sky" with its hints at marital unrest. [ 1:45:17 || 48.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.worldsfinestpodcast.com/episodes/wfp_008.mp3

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I'm not sure how our comments about all of these excruciatingly bad episodes will come off to you, our listeners; but I will be the first to say that Mike and I had a blast ripping them to shreds. We laughed our asses off after we were done recording. Going into our recording, we absolutely were DREADING reviewing all of them, but it was hellacious fun. :laugh:

Mike's in-episode forecast of this possibly one of the shortest episodes yet was about as wrong as wrong could be, eh, Mike? :angel:

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James is spot on. We did not want to cover these five, and, if we had our druthers, we wouldn't have. But it was surprisingly fun to discuss them... in a painful sort of way. Let's just say I'm glad the worst is behind us.

And yeah, I honestly thought the episode would be 45 minutes long. To my surprise it went an hour beyond that. :laugh:

I hope you all enjoy our pain.

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Okay, time for my comments:

The condom story's pretty hilarious.

I saw the trailer for season five already. I quit the series after season one, but it's apparently gotten a lot better. The trailer looks awesome.

Yeah, Phil Lamarr's brilliant.

I'm planning on getting my kids into the Timm-verse once I'm a father.

On to my e-mail. Yeah, I think 'Teen Titans' isn't in continuity at all, but I'm seriously glad it's being covered because I adore the show.

YES. Unrated version is easily the superior film. It's easily my favorite DCAU film.

Joker's Wild- I enjoy this episode, simply because it's one of the few BTAS episodes that seems so perfectly like a comic-book storyline. It's pretty funny; all of the Joker's lines and the famous Bruce Wayne/Joker exchange is absolute brilliance. Oh yeah, I DESPISE the Jack Napier stuff. Yeah, there have been a lot of complaints of Batman's omniscience, i.e. he's allowed to know everything for the sake of plot purposes. I can buy it here, simply because Bruce does have a reason for suspicions in the first place (Cameron's obvious denial of building it in the Joker's image), so I can accept that he took some step off-camera to reach his conclusion. Oh yeah, the animation is what brings the episode down for me. AKOM is the worst studio ever to animate BTAS. The moment that absolutely makes me cringe is at the start of the third act where he's talking to Batman, and the black spots around the eyes just go away and it looks horrendous.

Oh yeah, a lot of people think that the guard was working for Cameron. I personally like to believe it's the guy who becomes Lock-Up, simply because they look so similar.

'Christmas with the Joker' bad? I disagree a whole lot. At least Joker has some good lines in 'Joker's Wild'. I can't think of a single funny line throughout the entirety of 'Christmas with the Joker'. And there isn't near the amount of stupidity ('They don't call you Batman for nothing', 'Operation: Cause and Effect'). And 'Joker's Wild', as many plot-holes as there are, at least has something of a plot, as opposed to the mess that 'Christmas with the Joker' was (Joker just causing trouble for 20 minutes).

'Simpsons' reference- awesome.

I won't let the wording problems bring it down for me. As much as I don't mind the electric floor (because I don't think the episode meant to be taken that seriously), your rants are hilarious.

Tyger Tyger- I think it's incredibly lame, but not in my bottom five (which is something like: 'I've Got Batman in my Basement', 'Cat Scratch Fever', 'The Forgotten', 'Moon of the Wolf', and 'Prophecy of Doom'). It's such straightforward story with absolutely no suspense. You know Batman's going to save the day and the mad scientist is going to be taken down, so the character who's supposed to have a shred of interest to keep the story moving, Tygrus, is a really flat character with absolutely no interesting character traits. He loves his father, realizes his father's evil, saves the day, and then we're supposed to feel all sorry for him when he walks away. Sorry, but, 'There's nothing for me anywhere' is a forced sympathy-evoking line that holds no weight, in my opinion. He just assumes the worst, that there's no possible way he'll ever find a father figure more caring than an evil mad scientist, and Selina's loss technically just brings him back to where he started at the beginning of the episode. And there's really nothing that tells me he was better off under Dorian's care anyway and that they had a close enough relationship for his arrest to constitute a huge loss. The episode doesn't make Tygrus' plight very sympathetic at all, I don't think.

Everything Mike said I'd have to agree with though. I think the animation is the definition of average, but yeah, definitely solid. And those lines are awesome. Oh yeah, as much as I think the story is lame, I do like Conroy's reading of 'Tyger, Tyger'.

Moon of the Wolf- Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. Before I even hear what you have to say, I'll just say: the animation is BAD, the flashback makes no sense (at one point in the flashback, Milo is actually telling it; it makes no sense), the story is boring, and the electric guitar stuff just doesn't work.

And now the bashing. Hilarious. Lightning powers. I thought Mike was being serious with the lightning explanation, but that Storm thing just had me laughing uproariously.

I actually think Batman Beyond's 'The Winning Edge' is lame as well. While not as bad as 'Moon of the Wolf', it still goes overboard in the message with a nonsensical climax. Disease thing makes no sense as well. I wish I was a scientist, but I'm pretty sure it's completely and utterly wrong. Coloring errors. Mike's impression of the production team is hilarious. Pollution explanation hilarious.

I think the funniest moment in the episode is when Batman's getting gassed. He's choking, and he actually says something like, 'of course...GAS'. I don't think anyone's going to point out the obvious while getting knocked out by a gas attack.

Day of the Samurai- Second best one you guys are reviewing (right behind 'Joker's Wild'). I think the episode is a bit better than the first, mainly because I think it has more visual appeal, and the 'samurai over ninja' angle is pretty good. But yeah, it's nothing spectacular.

I LOVE Batman's Kaznian line in 'Maid of Honor':

Mercenary: [Kaznian] You can't understand a word I'm saying and even if you could I wouldn't tell you anything.

Batman: [Kaznian] I can [close-up of Batman's shadowed face] And you will.

Love the plot-hole stuff.

Terror in the Sky- I think this one is completely unnecessary. 'On Leather Wings' was so awesome I just don't think you need a sequel. And Langstrom's a total jerk to Batman with that 'it's your fault I'm this way because you didn't cure me completely'. I wanted Batman to just say, 'Hey, you're the one who did this to yourself, you 'tard. I at least helped you temporarily. No one paid me, no one helped me. I chased you around the freaking city and bled the only time in the series, and now it's MY fault? You ungrateful bastard.'

One of the times there's a male striking a female well before 'Justice League' was Joker smacking Harley in 'Mad Love' so that she falls out of the building. I can't believe they got away with that.

Yeah, Dr. March's unspoken guilt is easily the best moment of the episode. Superpowers stuff is still awesome.


Joker's Wild- You: 3 / Me: 6

Tyger Tyger- You: 4 and 6 / Me: 3 or a 4

Moon of the Wolf- You: 1.5 and 1 / Me: 1 or a 2

Day of the Samurai- You: 5 and 4 / Me: 5

Terror in the Sky- You: 5 and 3 / Me: 4

Okay, great job as always. I'll be back next week.

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Thanks, Mxy.

I'll agree with you when you say Joker's Wild at least has a plot (in comparison to Christmas with the Joker), but it still hurts me to view it. Mark Hamill is awesome, but the rest: :no:

It's good to see that we finally agree on episodes! :happy:

Almost forgot: Timm and Dini initially didn't get away with "Mad Love." That was supposed to be an episode of BTAS, but the network rejected it due to its dark tones. The story was then published as an awesome one-shot, and finally animated when the network realized the show wasn't always for children.

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The only reason people like "Christmas with the Joker" is because it's a Joker episode. Replace him with anyone else and it wouldn't be so loved. It's filled with terrible puns, nothing makes sense, the story is nonexistent and it feels like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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The only reason people like "Christmas with the Joker" is because it's a Joker episode. Replace him with anyone else and it wouldn't be so loved. It's filled with terrible puns, nothing makes sense, the story is nonexistent and it feels like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

I won't stand for such insults to Bugs Bunny's good name.

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Another Great Episode guys and yes I finally signed up here since I've been meaning to for so long.

Thanks for reading my email out on the show and I've been meaning to get back to you to continue the convocation but Work has got in the way and I haven't had a chance.

And I'm sure as soon as you guys have kids you'll have them reading comics and watching all of these show.

One thing I did do for my 3 year old is dug out all of my old Batman Adventures comics which followed on from the cartoon and he has them now!

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  • 3 months later...

Okay here I am, I fell sick last night and wasn't able to do much of anything, but I am okay now. I am going to review this as I listen to each episodes review(in other reviews I listened than put my own review). Here goes:

Joker's Wild "HEY, We were watching That!", wow, you guys seem to have a lot of respect for Mark Hamill, but no love for these episodes, lol It's cool though, it makes it more interesting. This episode is probably in the later top ten of favorite Joker episodes, but still fun to watch. I enjoyed the plot somewhat, but what was wrong with the episode(and shows like these in general) was how dumb the cops were and how easy it seemed for The Joker to escape. If it were that easy, than none of the villains would be in jail that long. Also is it were that easy, why didn't he escape earlier. The guy(his name escapes me at the moment)also says that The Joker face is a copyrighted face from the card company, so why is Harley Quinn waitresses there? Well its too late to fix these things, but here it is 6 out of 10

Tyger, Tyger, this episode sucks, never liked it. I don't know either what makes me hate it, but it feels very slow, the sympathy of the Tygres character does seem forced and Catwoman seems prone to infections(remember Cat Scratch Fever). If I were Batman I'd keep her in a quarentined cell at Arkum. 3 out of 10

Moon of the Wolf, my god DCAU, must have had a terrible couple of weeks with the writing. Just terrible. It makes no sense, I don't like that Milo and Romulas seem to be immune to the gas that knocks out Batman. And remember the word Milo said was the name of the drug, it ended in Esrtegen(remember that hero/villain in the revamped series). 3 out of 10.

Day of the Samurai, well you are right on several accounts on how insanely it makes no sense. How does the sensai know that the piece missing it the touch, if he never looked at the document. The episode started nicely, but quickly began to diminish. I was never too into king fu movies or cartoon episodes of shows I like, but it is better than most, but not as good as Night of the Ninja. 4 out of 10

Terror in the Sky, was an okay follow-up to an episode I could never get into. There were a lot of question as to why Mrs Lengstrom is so upset, but I could never really care. I just figured that after the events of "On Leather Wings" that her relationship with her husband started to wither, he started to ignore her out of shame, arugements happening all the time between Mr Lengstrom and her father, etc. I give this a 2 out of 10.

I just love that after these back to back terrible episodes(excluding Joker's Wild) that we will be hit with some good ones next time.

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