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James D.

Who wins?  

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I am going to do a Justice League VS. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen poll series, but not as a group VS. group--as single competitors in single battles.

BATTLE I: Mina Harker VS. Wonder Woman

Place: Venice, Italy streets. No civilians are around, so both women can go all out.

Diana and Mina are in a fight to the death. Yes, I know Justice League members don't normally kill people, but Diana is fighting for her livelihood against this badass femme fatale vampire. Essentially, they are both immortals, but Diana cannot afford to be turned into a vampire obviously, so she has to destroy Harker by any means necessary. Harker's motivation in this fight is to bite Diana and be able to control her under vampiric spell forever. Simple enough, yes?

So...who wins?

Poll 2 will be out tomorrow.

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Wonder Woman, hands down. I've said it before and I'll say it again: she is the strongest superhero ever. She has fought gods and won -- a vampire is surely nothing new.

I've also attached a poll to this.

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