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Alan Moore, for the unenlightened, is possibly the greatest comic writer in history. The worst complaint that's been sent his way is that he's sometimes TOO intellectual. If you haven't read these three, do so.

Watchmen - The best comic book series ever. Written the same year as The Dark Knight Returns, it's so superior, it's not true. Possibly the most important comic of the last twenty years.

From Hell - It's the size of a phone book. It's a deconstruction of Jack The Ripper and the events surrounding it. It's stunning. Expect me to talk more about this at a later point.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Ignore the movie. You probably thought it was a good concept, but crap film. Now, imagine that concept done better than you could think. That's how much fun this is.

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You know he did a mini-series spin off, right?

Smax? Yeah, and I'm loving it... but the whole precinct needs to come back.


Yeah, I think it's pretty good, but I'm a much bigger Gene Ha fan than I am Xander Cannon.

Has this man written anything bad? I'm not sure that he has. Seriously.. Top Ten, Tom Strong, Watchmen, LXG, From Hell, Swamp Thing, etc, etc, etc, etc.. sigh. He's so dreamy.

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I just nearly got in trouble through laughing at work over these two paragraphs of Alan Moore taking the piss out of Eddie Campbell. I nicked this from The Engine.

From here:

Well, I can’t in all honesty claim to be surprised by the incessant complaints of this embittered transportee. This kind of craven back-stabbing is, of course, only to be expected of a clan that sided with the English during the Highland clearances and slaughtered the McGregors in their beds. Do you know, there’s a hotel situated at the top of Glencoe where to this day they have a sign on the lounge door that reads "No dogs or Campbells"? And this isn’t just me saying bad things about Eddie: this is the deep and resonant bass voice of History itself saying bad things about Eddie.

On the matter of what has been viewed in some quarters as an untoward wordiness in my panel descriptions, might I draw your attention to the final volume of From Hell, specifically to page two, panel five of our epilogue, The Old Men On The Shore. In the script description for this panel I unfortunately allowed myself a moment of laxity and omitted the words "INSPECTOR ABBERLINE’S HEAD IS STILL ON HIS SHOULDERS DURING THIS PANEL. IT HAS NOT RETREATED TORTOISE-LIKE INTO HIS NECK, NOR HAS IT IN SOME FASHION MANAGED TO REFRACT LIGHT AROUND IT LIKE A KLINGON SPACESHIP SO THAT THE INSPECTOR RESEMBLES SOMETHING OUT OF MAGRITTE WITH HIS BOWLER FLOATING THERE SUSPENDED ABOVE THE EMPTY COLLAR OF HIS COAT." Last time I’ll make that mistake, obviously.

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Great, now I'm not going to be happy until Alan Moore writes a Super Moby Dick of Space comic.

A question unrelated to Alan Moore, is the rest of British talk radio as depressing as it sounds? I mean, "40 years later, friends and family remember Churchill's funeral" doesn't exactly sound like a lot of fun.

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