What shows would you want remade?


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Since Hollywood has apparently run out of ideas and is remaking old shows like Bionic Woman, what shows would you like to see remade for todays audience?

Buck Rodgers- It would probably be too much like Battlestar Galactica though.

A-Team- You know that would rock.

The Misfits Of Science- It was basically the X-Men about teenagers with mutant powers.

Fall Guy- A show about a Hollywood stunt man solving crimes and helping people by ....uh...doing stunts. It made more sense watching it.

Red Dwarf- A comedy in space. Come on, it needs to be done. This show was awesome.

Greatest American Hero- A comedy about a super hero that doesn't know how to use his powers correctly.

Voyagers- a kid travels through time with a member of the league of time travelers fixing things and trying to get back home. The main difference between this and other time traveling shows is that they can go to any point in history, not just within their own life.

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I've broken my list into two groups: remakes and continuations. The former are 100% remakes; their stories don't acknowledge the previous show. Continuations, however, do acknowledge the previous seasons. In fact, I can see several characters returning.


- The A-Team but more like 24.

- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers minus the cheese factor and Japanese fight sequences.

- Cagney & Lacey would make for a nice female compliment to the male-heavy cop dramas.

- Night Court as a dramedy.


- LA Law would be perfect for a network like FX.

- Quantum Leap would follow Sam's daughter as she attempts to bring him home. At the end of the first episode she discovers that Sam has been murdered, and she has to track his killer(s) through time.

- Dallas would be eaten up if put on the right network.

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Sliders. Totally solid Sci-fi basis that could do quite nicely. I actually quite miss that show. My choice would be a what would seem to be a complete restart at the beginning but at some points they could make sly references to the old show hinting that they occur in the same continuity.

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Well in the mid 90's I know they had plans to bring 21 Jump Street back, with Steve Williams returning as Captain and having cameos by each cast of the original show, but a new group of young looking cops and the cases would be much more adult than the original series(showing the growth in censorship on TV). It was scrapped, but it could always be resurrected.

Birds of Prey could be revamped and restarted, Dinah Meyer was really good as Baraba Gordan/Oracle and Tru Calling could be revived, that show was showing real progress.

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