Green Arrow's villains?


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Off the top of my head,

John Delion, the guy who stole his fortune

The Clock King

Camarogue, a sneak thief with some kind of chameleon-like invisibility suit

Slingshot an assassin who used David and Goliath style slings to kill people

The Rainbow Archer

Bullseye, an acrobatic clown

Milo Armitage, Connor Hawke's criminal stepfather

The Bamboo Monkey, yet another evil archer, although from what I've seen this guy relies on regular pointy arrows and a lot of skill.

Chein Na Wei and Hackett, the villains of the recent Green Arrow: Year One mini series. Only appeared once but they had a role in turning him into a hero.

Shado, as I understand it she's more of Catwoman like ally/enemy but I believe they started out as opponents. Mother of GA's youngest son

Brian Nudocerdo star city's corrupt Police commissioner

Either Professor Millions or Professor Merlin. I confess I don't really remember this character's name but in the golden age he'd become embroiled in crimes while trying to raise money for his college

Honorable Mention:

Cheshire, genocidal assassin and mother of Ollie's granddaughter Lian. I don't think she's ever appeared in a GA comic but she's a big part of Arsenal's backstory.

and I think Catman's got a grudge against him

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